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Jazzfuel was started in 2016 by European booking agent Matt Fripp as a way to share tips and resources with independent jazz musicians. It’s evolved into a team of writers and music industry specialists who aim to produce the best content for both fans and professional players.

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For Jazz Fans

Jazz music may have existed for only a little over a century, but its history is rich and varied. The ever-growing collection of articles on this site aim to highlight the best musicians, essential jazz albums and hidden stories in the genre. Whether you’re a total newcomer, or lifelong devotee, we hope you’ll find something which catches your ear!

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Herbie Hancock Songs

From Miles to MTV – Iconic Herbie Hancock Songs

Perhaps best known by jazz fans for his Blue Note albums and work with Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock’s albums over …
Thelonious monk songs

10 Genius Thelonious Monk Songs

Thelonious Sphere Monk is undoubtedly one of the most influential composers in jazz, alongside Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus. Many …
Chet Baker songs

Iconic Chet Baker Songs – The Master Jazz Interpreter

Whilst many of the most famous musicians in jazz are known for …

John Coltrane songs

12 Groundbreaking John Coltrane Songs

John Coltrane is one of the most revered and influential jazz saxophone …

Charlie Parker songs - title image including an alto saxophone and a cymbal flying through the air, in reference to an early experience Parker had at a jam session

10 Charlie Parker Songs Which Showcase A Saxophone Genius

Despite passing away in 1955 before reaching his 35th birthday, alto saxophonist …

Louis Armstrong Songs

Louis Armstrong playing a song

Iconic Charles Mingus Songs

Charles Mingus Songs: Guide To A Jazz Eccentric

One of the most prolific composers in jazz history, bassist Charles Mingus’s …

Guinness World Records jazz

Record-Breaking Jazz: 10 Eye-Catching Guinness World Records

I don’t know about you, but I spent many-a-day as a kid …

Michel Petrucciani

Michel Petrucciani: The Tragically Brief Life of a French Jazz Legend

Pianist Michel Petrucciani was one of the greatest jazz musicians to emerge …

For Jazz Musicians

Working as a jazz musician in 2024 – whether independently or with a team – is not easy! Whilst there are no easy shortcuts to success, we’ve pulled together more than 2 decades of industry experience to share resources, tips and guides on topics such as booking gigs, releasing new music and promoting yourself.

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Latest Industry Articles

Steve Lieblich: The Liner Notes Project

If, like me, you enjoy digging into the nuts and bolts of jazz, today’s interview guest has something fascinating to …

Bandcamp News: Preparing For The End of An Era?

News of Bandcamp’s sale to Songtradr and subsequent reduction in workforce has spiked anxiety amongst many musicians that the demise …

The 1.7 Second Gig Booking Hook

From classic literature and historical speeches to podcasts and YouTubers, one maxim …

New York Jazz Musicians (best)

Spotlight: New York Jazz Musicians in 2023

We asked 60 New York jazz musicians for their take on which …

Inside the New York Jazz Scene - 2023 Survey

Inside The New York Jazz Scene: Jazz Musicians Survey

Whilst there are vibrant cities all over the world, there has long …

From Small Talk to Big Gigs: Unconventional Booking Advice

Who’d have thought that talking to a festival director about boats, football, …

Matt Phillips interview

McLaughlin, Magazines & Major Labels – Interview with Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips is a British writer, musician and record executive whose work …

Inner circle (title)

Breaking into the Jazz Promoter Inner Circle

True story: I once sent ONE booking email and ended with a …

DC Jazz festival

DC Jazz Festival: Interview with Sunny Sumter, President & CEO

DC Jazz Festival is a year-round concert presenter and educational organization which, …

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