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Best jazz albums list

The 50 Best Jazz Albums of All Time (Essential Listening Guide)

If you ask any serious jazz fan or musician to tell you what the best jazz albums of all time are, you’ll probably receive either a very short answer (“impossible!”) or a long one, which is subject to change depending …

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Interview with Lincoln Jazz Center’s Jason Olaine


Record store day

Record Store Day

Articles for Jazz Fans

Jazz Music

The Story Behind Thelonious Monk’s ‘Round Midnight

A Jazz Standard Born from Obscurity One of the most popular and frequently recorded songs in the jazz repertoire was …
Jazz Music

The Early Years of Charlie Parker

For better or worse, for many Charlie Parker epitomises the jazz life. The wayward genius whose life was marred and …

Ten iconic “jazz meets strings” albums

Many jazz musicians have been deeply interested in classical music, and the …

Jazz on The Cover of TIME Magazine

In its 100 year history, America’s TIME magazine has featured no fewer …

Girl From Ipanema

The Girl From Ipanema – The Story Behind the Song

Whilst many styles of jazz seemingly emerged gradually, the bossa nova craze …

The Female Songwriters of Tin Pan Alley

Whilst ‘Tin Pan Alley’ wasn’t a specific address or time period, it …

Carnival jazz

The Story of Traveling Circuses, Carnivals and Jazz

What exactly happened to jazz after Storyville was shut down? Con Chapman, …

Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook (1956)

One of the most famous jazz singers of all time joining forces …

Susannah McCorkle

Born on 1st January 1946, the jazz vocalist and sometime writer was a …

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Articles for Jazz Professionals

Chris Newstead Watford Jazz Junction
Interviews, Jazz Gigs

Watford Jazz Junction: Interview with Festival Founder Chris Newstead

Pulling together a successful jazz festival involves dealing with lots of moving parts and, in this interview, we caught up …
Interviews, Jazz Clubs & Festivals, News

Interview with Lincoln Jazz Center’s Jason Olaine

In this interview, we talked with Jason Olaine, Vice President of Programming at Jazz at Lincoln Center. With a rich …
Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Audience Development

As a niche genre, jazz is particularly reliant on the support and …

Interview with Estonian Jazz Union Co-Founder & Jazz Musician Jaak Sooäär

In today’s interview, we talked with Jaak Sooäär, prolific Estonian jazz musician …

Booking agent pitches (title)

Pitching to Booking Agents: 8 Things

When it comes to pitching, there‘s not a one-size-fits-all approach and, in …

Interview with Metropole Orkest’s Vince Mendoza

As a part of Jazzfuel interview series, we had the privilege of …

jazzahead checklist

Your 2023 jazzahead! checklist

In an increasingly digital world, the annual jazzahead! conference in Bremen, Germany, …

Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories

This year the theme the National Women’s History Alliance has chosen for …

Bandcamp tips & strategies with Florian Arbenz

In this interview, we talked with Jazzfuel friend and touring jazz musician …

Interview with BBC Radio’s Linley Hamilton

In this interview, we talk with the long time producer and host …

elevator pitch

The Elevator Pitch

Despite what you might think at first glance, the ‘elevator pitch’ shouldn’t …

Instrument Guides

The Different Types of Trumpets

The Different Types of Trumpets [A Complete Guide]

In this article we’re going to be checking out the different types of trumpets, from the most common ones, to some …

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What Are the Different Parts of the Trumpet? Instrument Anatomy

At first glance, you may think that the trumpet is a complicated instrument. There are various trumpet parts such as buttons, …

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Fender guitars

Fender Guitars – Everything You Need To Know About The Brand

When it comes to the most popular guitar brands around the world, Fender is right up there with its long-time competitor …

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flugelhorn guide

The Flugelhorn (What is it? What Are The Best Brands?)

With its smooth, mellow tone and classy design, the flugelhorn enjoys a special – if niche – place in the world …

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Japanese guitar brands

The Best Japanese Guitar Brands Today (Beginner to Pro)

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and excellent build quality, Japanese guitars are fast becoming some of the most in-demand instruments on the market. …

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Sopranino Saxophone

A Guide to the Sopranino Saxophone

Whilst there are without a doubt four main types of saxophones in this family of instruments, a handful of additional ones …

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Saxophone Books

Essential Saxophone Method Books

Whilst there are many general jazz education books out there, sometimes it pays to get more specific. So if you’re learning …

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saxophone transposition guide (title)

A Guide to Saxophone Transposition

At some point in your learning journey, the issue of saxophone transposition is likely to pop up. But whilst it might …

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