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Best jazz albums list

The 50 Best Jazz Albums of All Time (Essential Listening Guide)

If you ask any serious jazz fan or musician to tell you what the best jazz albums of all time are, you’ll probably receive either a very short answer (“impossible!”) or a long one, which is subject to change depending …

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Articles for Jazz Fans

Sheets of sound
Jazz Music

John Coltrane’s Sheets of Sound

Never content to sit still, groundbreaking saxophonist John Coltrane changed the course of jazz history more than once. In this …
The Blues and The Abstract Truth
Jazz Music

The Blues and The Abstract Truth

Few jazz artists in history have a single album which stands out so far ahead of the rest of their …
Joni Mitchell Jazz

Joni Mitchell Albums – The Jazz Connection

Born in 1943 in Canada, Joni Mitchell rose to fame as a …

Disney jazz songs title

Disney Jazz Songs – Iconic Renditions of Timeless Classics

There’s a long history of jazz musicians borrowing repertoire from the movies …

Underrated jazz musicians (title)

Criminally Underrated Jazz Musicians in History!

Jazz has, of course, no shortage of big names stars which populate …

Essential Brad Mehldau albums | Beatles to Bach

A major figure on the international jazz scene since the early 1990s, …

New York Jazz Musicians (best)

Spotlight: New York Jazz Musicians in 2023

We asked 60 New York jazz musicians for their take on which …

Live at the Village Vanguard – 65 Years of Iconic Jazz Recordings

Nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York City, since 1935, …

Jazz Beatles covers

When Jazz Meets the Fab Four: Essential Beatles Covers

What connects Ella Fitzgerland, George Benson, Jaco Pastorius and McCoy Tyner? Aside …

Popular Fan Articles

Articles for Jazz Professionals

Releasing Music, News

Bandcamp News: Preparing For The End of An Era?

News of Bandcamp’s sale to Songtradr and subsequent reduction in workforce has spiked anxiety amongst many musicians that the demise …
Jazz Gigs

The 1.7 Second Gig Booking Hook

From classic literature and historical speeches to podcasts and YouTubers, one maxim remains true: if you want to keep your …
New York Jazz Musicians (best)

Spotlight: New York Jazz Musicians in 2023

We asked 60 New York jazz musicians for their take on which …

Inside the New York Jazz Scene - 2023 Survey

Inside The New York Jazz Scene: Jazz Musicians Survey

Whilst there are vibrant cities all over the world, there has long …

From Small Talk to Big Gigs: Unconventional Booking Advice

Who’d have thought that talking to a festival director about boats, football, …

Matt Phillips interview

McLaughlin, Magazines & Major Labels – Interview with Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips is a British writer, musician and record executive whose work …

Inner circle (title)

Breaking into the Jazz Promoter Inner Circle

True story: I once sent ONE booking email and ended with a …

DC Jazz festival

DC Jazz Festival: Interview with Sunny Sumter, President & CEO

DC Jazz Festival is a year-round concert presenter and educational organization which, …

Hilary seabrook Interview

Interview with Hilary Seabrook

“Imagine what a harmonious world it could be if every single person, …

Smoke Jazz Club NYC: Talking with Co-owner Paul Stache

Based on the Upper West Side of New York, Smoke Jazz Club …

Queer jazz with Tina Edwards

Queer Jazz: Interview with Tina Edwards

DJ, broadcaster and music journalist Tina Edwards is well known on the …

Instrument Guides


What Are the Different Parts of the Trumpet? Instrument Anatomy

At first glance, you may think that the trumpet is a complicated instrument. There are various trumpet parts such as buttons, …

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Fender guitars

Fender Guitars – Everything You Need To Know About The Brand

When it comes to the most popular guitar brands around the world, Fender is right up there with its long-time competitor …

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flugelhorn guide

The Flugelhorn (What is it? What Are The Best Brands?)

With its smooth, mellow tone and classy design, the flugelhorn enjoys a special – if niche – place in the world …

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Japanese guitar brands

The Best Japanese Guitar Brands Today (Beginner to Pro)

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and excellent build quality, Japanese guitars are fast becoming some of the most in-demand instruments on the market. …

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Sopranino Saxophone

A Guide to the Sopranino Saxophone

Whilst there are without a doubt four main types of saxophones in this family of instruments, a handful of additional ones …

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Saxophone Books

Essential Saxophone Method Books

Whilst there are many general jazz education books out there, sometimes it pays to get more specific. So if you’re learning …

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Saxophone Lessons Guide

Saxophone Lessons | How To Speed Up Your Learning

In our opinion, learning the saxophone is one of the greatest things that you could ever do for yourself. In this …

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Sax Stores

Unbeatable Saxophone Stores Around the World (2023)

Looking for something extra special in the saxophone department? We’ve dug deep to put together a wish-list of stores to visit …

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