Jazzfuel PRO

This Stuff Can Seem Challenging…

⏩ Finding time to keep on top of gig booking
⏩ Keeping your creative/business work balanced…
⏩ Preparing and staying on track with album, EP & single releases
Getting replies from journalists, clubs, labels and festivals…
⏩ Breaking into the international scene

We can assume you’re making great music, but what else do you need to do to build a sustainable career?

1️⃣ Figure out what work needs to be done
2️⃣ Do it in the most efficient & effective way
3️⃣ Keep motivated and on track

Hitting all three of those areas alone is a bit like trying to learn to play jazz without a teacher:

It’s possible (if you listen to enough records!) but likely to take longer and get you into bad habits…

The simple goal with Jazzfuel PRO is to give musicians like you access to all the information, tools, resources and personal feedback to achieve that.

Jazzfuel PRO Is Built To Help You…

Who Hosts Jazzfuel PRO?

Matt Fripp portrait square (2024)

Hi, Matt Fripp here.

As you may know, I start out as a jazz musician, before working full-time as a booking agent and manager. Over the last 15 years I’ve booked more than 2,000 international gigs, managed PR & marketing campaigns for 250+ album releases and worked with artists from more than 30 different countries.

The Jazzfuel PRO community is the place where I spend most days, sharing tips and resources with musicians and answering questions on specific situations.

It’s not just me though. The community features a regular guest session, where I bring other agents, managers, record labels, journalists and other jazz industry people to talk and answer questions.

Who is Jazzfuel PRO For?

“I just started a new project”

Have you just started a new project and need to get ‘everything’ sorted? You can use Jazzfuel PRO to make sure you’re focused on the most important tasks first, without other distractions:

⏩ Get your social media & Spotify profiles up and running
⏩ Have a mailing list set up and a good plan in place for growing it
⏩ Ideas on how to get your first gigs
⏩ Brainstorm ideas for a 2024 release schedule of singles and videos

“I want to meet other with international musicians”

Are you simply a little sick of going it alone? The Jazzfuel PRO community has is a super group of musicians from all over the world who are actively working to grow their careers.

Whether it’s sharing specific ideas and questions, or just seeing what everyone else is up to, the live events and community forum provide some great opportunities for networking.

“I’m an established musician looking for career support”

Are you a relatively established musician already but have the feeling you’re not making the most of all the possible marketing techniques to make your work-life easier and more successful?

⏩ Get industry feedback on any press & gig-related questions
⏩ Come up with a strategy for tour booking or growing your ‘team
⏩ Connect with similar musicians to brainstorm ideas for improving your results

“I have a new release planned”

Have you got a new release coming in the next 6 months and want to give yourself the best platform to launch it from? You can use Jazzfuel PRO to: 

⏩ Get feedback and tips on preparing your bio, press materials & website
⏩ Figure out a plan for your newsletter and good Facebook content, so your audience will be engaged when you want them to support you.
⏩ Get tips on setting up your Bandcamp page and start getting into that community
⏩ Build a target list of press contacts and get your pitching emails prepared

Self-Paced Courses

If you’re looking for a comprehensive plan for how to make progress with your project in 2024, we have a selection of in-depth, step-by-step video courses available inside the community. Work through them at your own pace, and make use of the forum to get additional support or feedback.

Our Step-by-Step Gig Booking Course

Bandcamp for Jazz musicians

Mastering Bandcamp To Sell More Music

Preparing Yourself For the Best Year Ever

Get Your Artist Newsletter Up and Running

Are You Presenting Yourself Convincingly?

Setting Up a Database on Hubspot (for free!)

Live Sessions

If you’re looking for insight from inside the industry, there are monthly drop in calls (“Office Hours”) and community hangouts, as well as an ever-growing library of guest sessions.

Into the community

The Jazzfuel PRO community (via the mobile app and online website) provides space for members to chat, share tips and ask for feedback on anything that is important in their career.

Jump in and get answers to your current struggles, or simply check out what your musician colleagues around the world are working on right now…

To ensure that we can provide the best value to all members, we’d ask you to complete a short application first, via the button below…