Lead Magnets for Music Teachers: 101

In this short guide, we’re going to look at how offering a simple free resource – aka a “lead magnet” – has the ability to turbo-charge your success in finding enthusiastic music students to teach…

Whether you’re a passionate music teacher looking to fill up the gaps in your schedule, or a performing musician wanting to earn extra money part-time, finding a steady stream of students who want lessons is often tricky.

Anything which offers a low-effort way to fill those pesky gaps in your schedule and increase the regular income you receive from this work is surely worth a shot, right?

When it comes to that topic, a lead magnet (and the mailing list it helps you build) probably deserves to be at the very top of the list!

Stay tuned for some very specific examples – which you’re welcome to ‘borrow’ – but first, let’s start at the beginning…

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a free resource or incentive offered to people coming to your website (or connecting with you on social media), in exchange for their email address.

‘Lead’ as the marketing term for someone who might become a customer.

‘Magnet’ because it attracts them to you crazy fast.

The Perfect Lead Magnet

There are a few subtleties to consider though, when planning a lead magnet.

The most important is considering what type of person you’re trying to attract…

Offering the chance to win a free iPhone might do wonders for your signups, but it’s probably not going to help when it comes to ‘selling’ them music lessons.

No, the perfect lead magnet for music teachers is going to be something which your ideal students will go crazy for, but everyone else will ignore…

Lead Magnets for Music Lessons: Examples

Let’s imagine you’re looking to find more beginner saxophone students.

A great example of a lead magnet could be a free checklist of the first 5 songs that every beginner needs to learn. They enter their email address and you send it to them (automatically!)

It could be a fingering chart which can be printed at home. Same deal: they give you an email, you give them a free resource.

Maybe there are a few exercises or patterns that you ask every new student to check out. Ditto.

Essentially, it’s a resource that is going to help them right away – and prove that you know what they need to do next.

If you’re looking to teach more advanced students – such as pre-conservatoire jazz musicians – a perfect lead magnet would look different.

If you’re focused on piano players, a worksheet on the most common voicings used by 5 of the most famous jazz pianists of all time would be great.

Or a downloadable PDF of 5 pentatonic licks.

Or maybe a short video explaining how to prepare for an audition.

Essentially you are both helping them out and proving your credentials as a teacher, whilst simultaneously getting their email address to continue the discussion later.

What’s Next?

As you probably guessed, getting someone on your mailing list is only step one – albeit a very important one.

Let’s imagine someone signs up for your free resource and loves it.

They won’t necessarily hit you up immediately for a lesson.

No, the next step is to make sure they receive a series of emails which further prove your credentials and show them why you are THE person to teach them…

But that’s a topic for another article; for now – get that lead magnet up and running and start offering it to as many people as possible!

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