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We’ve tried our best to provide answers on a range of topics through the articles and resources on this site, but if there’s something additional you want to ask, feel free!

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Can you review my new album?

Jazzfuel doesn’t publish reviews. There are many great jazz magazines & websites out there who do, but we see our mission as providing support and advice for musicians to make the most out of their careers, not rating their music from our own personal taste.

That said, we do host a weekly playlist featuring new releases, which you’re welcome to check out and submit music for here.

We also share premieres of new video releases which you can find out more about here.

Can you book me some gigs?

We get a lot of email from artists looking for representation.

At the current time, we don’t offer this as a service. The reason for this is that working as a personal representative requires a lot of time and, realistically, it would mean we simply picked 10-15 musicians out of the 1000s who are connected here.

Our goal is to provide advice and support that anyone can access and start making their own progress.

If you’re looking for an agent right now, you can get some more insight by checking out these 2 articles:

What services do you offer?

All the advice on the Jazzfuel site is free, but we offer more in-depth programmes and done-for-you services including:

  • Online courses on various aspects of your career as a musician
  • Done-for-you press outreach

You can find out more about all of these via our services page.