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Jazzfuel FAQs

“Will you be my booking agent?” 

I get a lot of emails from 1st-time visitors looking for a booking agent or manager. Before you send the same, please read this…

Taking on an artist is a big decision – it’s the start of a long term relationship and something which involves a huge investment of time. I only work with a handful of musicians like this and, in all cases, I’ve got to know them and their project very well over time before taking them on.

As such, my best advice to you when looking for an agent (me or anyone else) is to focus on making a personal connection rather than sending cold-emails asking something so big straight away!

You can get some more insight by checking out these 2 articles:

“Can I send you music?” 

Yes, please!

If you join the free Jazzfuel newsletter, you’ll get a welcome mail right away with info on sending music – I’m always interested to know what new music is out there.

I don’t like to give too much feedback on the actual music, because it is such a subjective thing and what I do or don’t like personally has no bearing on how successful your project can be, but from time to time I can feature some of it on the Jazzfuel playlist.