First you imitate, then you innovate..

Alongside all the great music, Miles Davis also gave us a fair few quotes, including this one – which is surprisingly useful when it comes to booking gigs…

First you imitate, then you innovate

It seems obvious, but why start your gig booking by trying to pitch to EVERY SINGLE CLUB & FESTIVAL out there, when you can just copy the tour dates of similar artists?

Rather than be totally overwhelmed, you’re going to come up with a pretty concise list which has a much better chance of turning up gigs, because you *know* they book similar bands…

“Hi promoter, I saw you booked XYZ band – we’ve performed some of the same venues as them in the past, so thought you might be interested to take a listen to our new release…”

There’s a more detailed demo in the ​gig booking course​, but checking ‘past dates’ Songkick is a great place to start…

This idea also works for other things:

▶️ Copy what more-successful social media accounts are doing
▶️ Use a press release that works well as a basis for your own
▶️ Pick the best parts of another musician’s website and use them as inspiration for yours

As always, the goal should be to work smarter, not harder!

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