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Best jazz albums list

The 50 Best Jazz Albums of All Time (Essential Listening Guide)

If you ask any serious jazz fan or musician to tell you what the best jazz albums of all time are, you’ll probably receive either a very short answer (“impossible!”) or a long one, which is subject to change depending …

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Articles for Jazz Fans

Jazz Music

Pioneering Jazz Funk Musicians & Albums

​​As part of our dive into the different styles of jazz, we take a look at one of the later …
Frank Sinatra jr
Jazz Music, Singers

The Story of Frank Sinatra Jr

The world of entertainment is full of brothers, sisters, sons & daughters of iconic musicians, but perhaps none with a …
Jazz Harmonica Players

Jazz Harmonica Players

Also known as French harp or mouth organ, the harmonica while primarily …

The Jazz Age

The Jazz Age

The term the Jazz Age has over the years come to mean …

chromatic scale

The Chromatic Scale

If you have ever heard Rimsky Korsakov’s famous piece “Flight of the …

bobby mcferrin

Bobby McFerrin | Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

In a style where originality is the norm, singer Bobby McFerrin stands …

Burt Bacharach songs

Burt Bacharach Songs (with a jazz twist…)

As news of the death of iconic songwriter and performer Burt Bacharach …

electro swing

Electro Swing | What Is It? Who Are The Famous Players?

Arguably one of the more niche types of jazz – and one …

Honeysuckle rose

Honeysuckle Rose | Classic Jazz Songs (Series)

Written in 1928 by legendary jazz pianist and composer Fats Waller, “Honeysuckle …

Popular Fan Articles

Articles for Jazz Professionals

Interviews, News

Interview with Yellowjackets’ Russell Ferrante

As part of our Jazzfuel industry interviws series we recently we had the pleasure of speaking with one of original members of thelegendary Yellowjackets – Russell Ferrante.  A veteran of more Read more
Culture Entrepreneur - Cagil Ozdemir Intw

3dots Venture Studio | Cultural Entrepreneurship with Çağıl Özdemir

In this interview we talk with Çağıl Özdemir about the concept (and practicalities) of cultural entrepreneurship. But what exactly does …
Interview Simon Petermann

Interview with Swiss Jazz Days’ Simon Petermann

Today’s industry guest is a long-time member of the Jazzfuel community and …

Sun Ra Omni Sound Intw

Interview with Jazz Promoter and Label Boss: Ahmet Ulug

Spanning a career of over 40 years, Ahmet Ulug is a Turkish …

Matt Merewitz

Interview with Publicist Matt Merewitz

If you’re releasing music, gigging, using social media or working on your …

Anatomy of a musician newsletter

The over-sharer? The “they want something” friend? The ex-friend? The PA of …

january 2023 Releases

January 2023 Jazz Releases

What’s new in the jazz world this January 2023? The year got …

Mailing list Dario Napoli

Mailing List Building with Guitarist Dario Napoli

Despite being one of the most direct ways to engage with fans …

Artists to Watch 2023

Artists to Watch: Jazz in 2023 (Promoter Picks)

Luckily there’s always good new music waiting to be discovered. And, as …

Productivity apps

Musicians: 10 Useful Apps for A Productive 2023

It often feels like the internet, social media and the accompanying technologies …


A First Hand Experience  With Time-Management & Procrastination

The quest for productivity and a work-life balance (especially as a freelance …

Instrument Guides

The Different Types of Trumpets

The Different Types of Trumpets [A Complete Guide]

In this article we’re going to be checking out the different types of trumpets, from the most common ones, to some …

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What Are the Different Parts of the Trumpet? Instrument Anatomy

At first glance, you may think that the trumpet is a complicated instrument. There are various trumpet parts such as buttons, …

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Fender guitars

Fender Guitars – Everything You Need To Know About The Brand

When it comes to the most popular guitar brands around the world, Fender is right up there with its long-time competitor …

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flugelhorn guide

The Flugelhorn (What is it? What Are The Best Brands?)

With its smooth, mellow tone and classy design, the flugelhorn enjoys a special – if niche – place in the world …

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Japanese guitar brands

The Best Japanese Guitar Brands Today (Beginner to Pro)

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and excellent build quality, Japanese guitars are fast becoming some of the most in-demand instruments on the market. …

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Sopranino Saxophone

A Guide to the Sopranino Saxophone

Whilst there are without a doubt four main types of saxophones in this family of instruments, a handful of additional ones …

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Saxophone Books

Essential Saxophone Method Books

Whilst there are many general jazz education books out there, sometimes it pays to get more specific. So if you’re learning …

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saxophone transposition guide (title)

A Guide to Saxophone Transposition

At some point in your learning journey, the issue of saxophone transposition is likely to pop up. But whilst it might …

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