If you’re a gigging jazz musician looking to take your career to the next level – whether that’s releasing a new album or developing your international touring – you’ve come to the right place.

Jazzfuel is an online resource and newsletter run by me, Matt Fripp, with special guests from around the jazz world.

The goal is simple: giving you ideas & advice on how you can build your career and get more gigs.

Who Am I?

My name’s Matt Fripp and I’ve worked as a booking agent & artist manager for jazz musicians for almost 10 years now. I’ve booked more than 1,500 gigs in that time and been lucky enough to go to a lot of great festivals and clubs around the world.

Jazz has always been a big passion of mine (I started out as a saxophonist, studying a jazz degree at the Guildhall School of Music in London) and I’m lucky to spend every day working in this genre.

I got started on the ‘business’ side of music by managing a good friend of mine (Anthony Strong, who I still represent today) and eventually took on a job as a booking agent at a London music group which worked across management, press & live work with a huge range of jazz talent.

Over the next 6 years there I represented around 20 artists including Kyle Eastwood, Marius Neset, Anthony Strong, Get The Blessing, Natalie Williams, Empirical, Troyka, China Moses, Tim Garland, Food (Iain Ballamy & Thomas Strønen), Hailey Tuck & Michael Wollny.

Today, I’m based between London & Paris and have my own agency where I look after worldwide bookings and management for a small roster of brilliant artists.

Perhaps due to my own journey from musician to agent, I’m really interested in what needs to be done – aside from playing great music – to build a career and reach an ever-growing audience of jazz fans. I created Jazzfuel to share ideas, tools & tips from me (and colleagues around the world), so that you can speed up progress with your own project, whatever level you’re currently on.

What Can Jazzfuel Do For You?

As a musician, you’ve spent years practicing your instrument and honing your craft. The thing is, there are lots of other factors that affect which gigs you get and how many people even get to hear your music.

Are you approaching promoters and booking agents in the best possible way? What are journalists looking for? How should you plan your album release? How can you get actual results from social media? The list goes on…

I’ve spent the last 8 years managing and booking gigs for touring jazz musicians. The articles on this site are aimed not just at sharing the ‘industry’ point-of-view of me and other people working inside the business, but also at giving you ideas and tested strategies for maximising your own chances of success.

Sometimes it’s hard to break down all these ‘other’ things into manageable parts, never mind come up with a plan for how to put them into practice across weeks and months. But by joining the mailing list or checking back regularly on this content – as well as starting to incorporate bits into your weekly routine – you should see a positive impact on your project and career.

What To Expect From Jazzfuel

The articles and interviews on Jazzfuel look at all sorts of areas that can help you build your career more effectively to get more gigs, more fans and more industry attention.  

Playing great jazz takes talent and hours of dedication; that’s the real hard part. I’d just like to help you get to grips with the ‘other stuff’ so you can maximise your success.

Some include a short task or tip that you can put into action right away, whilst others are more long-term ideas. Many of the articles have templates or guides that you can download and use yourself. Alongside all this, you’re invited to join the Jazzfuel mailing list to get updates and extra special content direct to your inbox.

I’m confident that if you are making great music and start adding in some of the ideas on this site, one by one, over a consistent period of time, you’ll see the results. 

Want The Highlights By Email Right Now?

There is a lot of content on the blog – and more coming every week – so I’ve designed a short email introduction series.

If you sign up (by clicking here), you’ll receive a few emails spread over the next few weeks highlighting the most important areas I’ve covered – as well as content not published on the website.

This introduction series will help to make sure you are covering everything and also includes the offer of a Skype session together.

Why Jazzfuel?

I love jazz and I love seeing individual musicians and groups build their profile and get 3 things:

1. More gigs

2. More attention from within the music industry

3. More jazz fans around the world

Being an agent and manager is a big responsibility which takes time and relies on personal contacts. I come across so many good musicians who I’d like to work with but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Through the things I’m trying myself and the advice from the Jazzfuel guests, I want to give you the tools and advice to make serious progress by yourself.

Remember: if you can find enough people who are excited to support you and see you perform, you will always be able to gig, tour and sell music.

Say Hello

I read every every email and Facebook message I receive. If you have any questions, ideas for future topics on the blog, or just want to say hi – feel free to get in touch: