Hi, my name’s Matt Fripp.
I’m a booking agent & manager and host Jazzfuel to help jazz musicians around the world build their careers.


Hi, my name’s Matt Fripp.
I’m a booking agent & manager and host Jazzfuel to help jazz musicians around the world build their careers.

Perhaps due to my own journey over the last 15 years from musician to booking agent, I’m acutely aware that it usually takes more than just great music to build a career as a touring, well-respected, creative jazz musician.

But I also know, first-hand, that it’s totally possible if you work on the right things.

Jazzfuel started back in 2016 to provide some insight & practical advice on how independent jazz musicians can get better known, better gigs and build a loyal fanbase as a creative artist.

The information on this site doesn’t just come from me. There are various promoters, journalists, publicists & managers who’ve shared their experience via interviews and articles too.

So, if you’re a jazz musician looking to speed things up, I think you’ll find some useful information on Jazzfuel.com…

Takeaways from 40+ club & festival promoters: practical advice on getting gigs

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Takeaways from 40+ club & festival promoters: practical advice on getting gigs…

Hi, Matt Fripp here…

I’m British but currently based in Paris, France, where I live with my wife and our first baby.

I’m a jazz fan who became a musician before moving onto the ‘business’ side of the music industry. I’ve been working as a booking agent and artist manager for jazz musicians since 2008, representing more than 40 artists for more than 2,000 club, venue and festival gigs in Europe, North America & Asia.

I graduated from a 4-year jazz saxophone degree at The Guildhall School of Music in London back in 2008 and, about a year later, started out working for one of the UK’s leading jazz music companies, which dealt with bookings, management & publicity.

It was there that I had the chance to learn about the music business, booking tours for band and musicians including Kyle Eastwood, Marius Neset, Get The Blessing, Empirical, China Moses, Tim Garland & Michael Wollny – as well as developing my own management roster featuring Anthony Strong (UK) & Hailey Tuck (USA).

After about 6 years of that, I left to set up my own agency – and started writing articles which I posted here, at Jazzfuel.com… 

Jazzfuel LIVE

Some of the Jazzfuel ideas and strategies have been presented live in seminars & workshops for various jazz organisations around the world, including Jazz Denmark, InJazz conference, 12 Points Festival, The Lithuanian Jazz Federation,  jazzahead!, Jazz Scotland & Nordic Comets…


Interview series

We’ve got interviews & guest articles with jazz industry people including Christian McBride, Jazzwise Magazine, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Jazziz Magazine (USA), Howard Mandel (jazz journalists association) and more…

Why Jazzfuel?

Like all agents, I see and hear so many amazing projects each week – but often also notice plenty of areas which need work for this music to get the attention of more jazz fans and more promoters, clubsfestivals, jazz journalists and other ‘industry‘ people.

In an ideal world, maybe great music would be the only factor that led to a projects’ success.

But in reality, it’s not.

You need great content to grab attention, you need to be able to communicate the music in words, you need to build your personal network and motivate more people to join…

So Jazzfuel really started as a way of trying to explain, as simply as possible, how you could improve these things, without waiting around for a manager or agent.

And, as I said: it’s not just me giving the advice.

Whilst there are not a lot of jazz-specific music business sites around, there are a lot of booking agents, promoters, publicists, journalists and managers I know who have a lot of great ideas to share.

So Jazzfuel also presents interviews & guest articles with these people, to make sure that we can provide a broad spectrum of help.

I’ve been asked many times: why do I share all this information for free?

As an agent, I get contacted by a lot of jazz musicians from around the world who are looking for representation. Signing an artist is a massive commitment of time and, as such, I have to say no (or at least ‘not right now’) most of the time.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t see the potential or the creativity in a lot of those projects.

By sharing these resources here, I hope that musicians like you will be able to start making faster progress today, to get the gigs and attention your music deserves.

And here’s the important thing to remember: knowing these strategies and ideas is very important, but nothing will change until you put in the hard work to actually make it happen.

So that’s your challenge today: get started and keep going. 

What Can You Expect From Jazzfuel?

The articles, guides, resources and interviews on Jazzfuel cover 3 main areas:




These topics are all inter-connected really.

You generally need to release music to get press coverage for your project. And getting press helps persuade promoter to book you. And then playing a great gig leads to more attention for your project. And so it goes on…

Anyway, you can find them all of these via the links above, but a great way to get the full ‘tour’ of what’s on offer is to join the free mailing list.

I’ve written a bunch of ‘welcome’ emails which you’ll receive every few days to flag up the most important content. That way, you can be sure you don’t miss anything.

Want to take things to the next level?

Obviously every project is different and all of us are at different stages of our careers. With that in mind, it helps to get more personal feedback and support at various points. There are a couple of ways Jazzfuel can help with that…


The Jazzfuel community 

I don’t know about you, but I find it really useful to talk to other people who are doing (or have done) similar things to me. You can find more than 1,500 professional jazz musicians inside the private Jazzfuel Community Facebook Group, which you can join for free here

Jazzfuel Manager forum

If you’re at a point where you’d like more direct support from both me and a range of other industry people, you might be interested to check out the monthly membership site Jazzfuel Manager.

It gives you access to a private members forum where you can ask questions and request feedback on anything career-related, including press releases, biographies, your website, album release plans and more. 

Becoming a member of Jazzfuel Manager also gives you access to a range of online courses including How To Get Press Quotes, Spotify Bootcamp, Growing Your Mailing List, The Album Launcher and more. 

Free guides, templates & resources

I know, there’s a lot of content to get through on this site.

To help speed things up, we’ve put together this page of resources where you can download, for free, some of the key guides, templates & tools available. 

Done for you services

As we already mentioned, the key for to success is action! Putting these ideas into place yourself, simply by reading and learning from the free articles and resources, is totally possible.

If you’re time short and would prefer to have some of this done for you, you can check our latest offerings on the jazz services “work with us” page. As a summary, we are currently offering done-for-you press outreach and 1-to-1 coaching.

Get lifetime access to the "How To Get More Jazz Gigs" online video course

The "How To Get More Jazz Gigs" video course

Get lifetime access to this step-by-step course, with booking agent support