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The Jazzfuel website is full of articles & free resources to help you in various aspects of your career; from booking gigs & releasing music to self-promotion and social media.

If, however, you’d like some more in-depth support or help, here are some options…


We’ll personally pitch your upcoming release to the right press contacts in whatever countries you choose… and chase up with them if they don’t reply first time!

Social media for jazz musicians (image)


Most musicians agree that good social media has an important role in connecting with an audience. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have the time or motivation to do it though. Our social media offering is for musicians building up to a launch; we’ll review your current socials, work with you to decide a strategy and content plan then put it into action.

Jazzfuel Manager


Get access to the members-only forum for unlimited feedback & support on your career plans with monthly live hangouts and sessions

Gigs course


More than 250 professional musicians have taken this step-by-step video course to learn exactly how to book more and better gigs, in less time.

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We’ve collaborated with a Squarespace expert to refine a clean and functional website which suits the needs for most professional jazz musicians. Next step: we’ll help you prepare your best content and organise it into a stylish site.

one-to-one coaching


One-off coaching sessions can be booked by members of the Jazzfuel Manager PRO with a range of industry guests. Get in touch first for pricing and options.

pitching emails guide

Step-by-step guide to pitching for press (eBook)

“Getting reviews for my next album is the big goal, but I’m not sure exactly how…”

This 25-page guide shows you the exact method we’ve used to get more than 700 pieces of press coverage for independent jazz musicians around the world in our done-for-you campaigns.

Bandcamp course

Bandcamp for Jazz Musicians

Do you want to sell more music, directly to your fans, every time you release something? 

This course will take you step-by-step through the how’s and why’s of using Bandcamp to build yourself a bigger audience of fans who are ready to buy your next release (and the one after that…)

Sample tours

Sample Tours: Massively Speed Up Your Gig Bookings

We’ve compiled past tour schedules of a range of artists so you can find the clubs & festivals that fit YOUR music

Get lifetime access to the "How To Get More Jazz Gigs" online video course

The “How To Get More Jazz Gigs” video course

Get lifetime access to this step-by-step course, with booking agent support