60-minute Skype focused on building your career


Want to be gigging more, selling more music and reaching more people?

Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and figure out your career goals and how to achieve them most effectively by yourself. The 1-to-1 coaching sessions are built around a 60 minute Skype call, with notes via email.

We can talk about whatever you want (as long as it’s jazz related!) but the sessions usually revolve around how to maximise your success in the coming weeks and months and how to make faster progress in the key areas:

> Reaching promoters: Looking at how you can have more success reaching promoters and increasing your gigging. We’ll do practical stuff, like re-write the types of emails you’re sending them, too.

> Raising Your Profile: Figuring out how to create more ‘news’ and make the most of your latest album release, music video & gigs.

> Building Your Fanbase: how to set up and build your mailing list, create signup forms, prepare an automation series and design email newsletters for maximum engagement.

> Promo Materials: Putting together the written and visual promo materials that you need to build your career. We can edit these as part of the session.

> Releasing music: Looking at when – and how – you should release your music over the next 12-18 months and making sure it fits in with the other goals you are working towards.

These sessions are subject to availability and cost £75 (c. €80 / $99). For more info, drop me an email or hit the button below.

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