Websites For Jazz Musicians

Are you reaching jazz promoters with your project?


I got together with a couple of talented web designers to build a musician website which includes everything a promoter, agent, manager, label or journalist will want to see when checking out your project. Get yours within 7 days…


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60-minute Skype focused on building your career


Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and figure out your career goals and how to achieve them. The 1-to-1 coaching sessions are built around a 60 minute Skype call, with notes via email.

We look at where you are at in your career and where you want to get to. We talk about what you have coming up – and how to maximise the impact of these things – as well as set some goals and tasks for the coming weeks and months.

Some areas to cover include:

> Raising Your Profile: Figuring out how to create more ‘news’ and make the most of your latest album release, music video & gigs.

> Building Your Fanbase: how to set up and build your mailing list, create signup forms, prepare an automation series and design email newsletters for maximum engagement.

> Promo Materials: Putting together the written and visual promo materials that you need to build your career.

> Releasing music: Looking at when – and how – you should release your music over the next 12-18 months and making sure it fits in with the other goals you are working towards.

These sessions are subject to availability and cost £50 per hour but, before booking, I like to arrange a short chat to make sure it’s something I feel I can help with.

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GIG-READY FACEBOOK (eBook & Video Series)

A Jazz Musician's Guide to More Effective Social Media


You know that social media is an important area of your career as a jazz musician, but sometimes it seems so time-consuming and ineffective.

In an ideal world, jazz promoters would listen to everything they got sent and make a decision based on this. In reality, you need to be out there vying for their attention and persuading them to check out your project. Social media is an important way of doing this.

I’ve condensed a 30-day social media course into one eBook with video demonstrations, so you can work through all the advice and exercises at you own speed. The book includes access to a private Facebook group which I host for any extra questions or feedback.



Get Your Promo Materials Written by a Jazz Journalist


When sending emails or posting on social media, your words can make the difference between a promoter hitting ‘PLAY’ or ‘DELETE.’

You wouldn’t get amateur musicians to play on your record, and you should take the same approach with your bio and album texts.

I’m offering a Skype session with a music journalist who will, after chatting, put together a bio and/or press release for your project. We’ll edit it into various links so you can use it straight away in various places:

> Your Website
> Emails to festivals & clubs
> Album notes
> Press release to journalists

The journalists that I’m working with have complete freedom to say yes or no to each project. So, 1st, we’ll need some music and a bit of background info and will then send an offer of who could do the writing for you.

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