Unbeatable Saxophone Stores Around the World (2023)

Looking for something extra special in the saxophone department? We’ve dug deep to put together a wish-list of stores to visit this year! 

Whilst most of us have a ‘go to’ saxophone store if we need a tricky repair job or to buy a new horn, there are a handful of sax shops around the world which are perhaps good enough to get on a plane for!

With an impressive client list and sometimes-unbelievable range of instruments, here’s out pick of 10 of the best saxophone shops from around the world.

1. Roberto’s Woodwinds (New York)

Located in New York City, this store boasts the widest collection of saxophone brands, including Selmer saxophones, mouthpieces, ligatures, and reeds.

It was founded in 1989 and has been the go-to place for sax players in the city to buy or repair their woodwind instruments ever since.

Roberto Romeo is the founder who has great experience repairing saxophones and finding the right equipment to restore your instrument to make it as good as new.

His specialty is vintage mouthpieces and instruments, like clarinets, trumpets, and saxophones, and he has a room dedicated to Selmer Mark’s saxophones called the “Mark VI Room.”

You can visit their website to browse through their instruments and accessories or go to their store in the city for a more authentic experience.

Check out Roberto’s Woodwinds here

2. Sax.co.uk (London)

This London-based store is one of the largest saxophone shops in the world and offers a variety of saxophone brands. Browse around to find your perfect tenor or alto sax.

Their staff consists of music teachers, repair technicians, and sax players who will help you find the right equipment according to your skill level.

The store has a large showroom displaying over 300 saxophones that will make you think you died and went to sax heaven!

They have many iconic saxophones brands with a wide price range since you can choose between new, vintage, digital, or preowned instruments.

You can find any accessory you can think of for your sax like reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures, cases, metronomes, stands, and you can even buy souvenirs like t-shirts, tumblers, necklaces, mugs, and gift vouchers.

They also offer books and DVDs for beginning and advanced stages to practice playing the sax at home.

Visit Sax.co.uk here

3. The Boston Sax (Boston)

The founders of the Boston Sax Shop based the store’s concept on creating sax products from the player’s point of view.

They understand the minor details that can take the saxophone’s sound to the next level.

This store collaborates with world-class musicians and gets constant feedback from them to improve their products.

They also have a wide selection of saxophone brands, accessories, cases, and apparel that you can buy from the store or online, and you can even get their products shipped overseas.

Check out The Boston Sax here

4. Blue Note Music (Calgary)

This store is based in Calgary, Canada, and specialises in woodwind repairs, offering a decent selection of saxophones and accessories.

They perform mechanical restorations and necessary adjustments to bring your sax back to life.

They also offer cleaning services to maintain the instruments’ condition, which entails disassembling the sax.

The service includes cleaning the body inside out, oiling it, and repairing damaged keys, pads, or tone holes, among other pieces.

In addition, they also perform major adjustments for instruments that need extensive repairs.

They replace pads, resolder, level tone holes, or refit pivot screws, to name a few.

To visit Blue Note Music, go here

5. Ozwinds Brass and Woodwind (Melbourne)

This store is one of the most famous franchises in Australia, with three branches in Melbourne and one in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Brunswick.

If you’re in the search of the best saxophone, this is the place to be.

The owner, Brian Ebert, is an experienced woodwind and brass technician who opened the first store in 1989.

Then, they started to expand the business to include a large retail store selling a wide range of new and used instruments.

Their newest store, Moorabbin, Victoria, is considered the largest brass and woodwind store in the region.

It sits on about 12,000 square feet, making it the ultimate destination for brasswinds and woodwinds in Australia.

Check out Oziwinds Brass and Woodwind here

6. USA Horn (New Jersey)

Based in New Jersey, this store offers a large selection of new and vintage horns.

This allows you to try out various versions of the instrument to compare the sound quality.

Their staff consists of professional musicians, which enhances your experience at the store.

They will help you through a wide range of products, which ensures you’ll find a reasonably priced horn that suits your playing level.

If you decide to pay this store a visit, make sure you’ve cleared your schedule because you can get lost in the world of instruments and the interesting conversations you’ll have with the staff.

Whichever product you settle on, they will give you a full description of its properties and tell you the best way to use it.

Visit USA Horn here

7. Vanguard Orchestral (Wellington)

If you’re ever in Wellington, New Zealand, make sure to stop by this store.

It includes everything you’ll ever need for your instrument, brasswinds, woodwinds, and their accessories.

They ship all over New Zealand and offer a student discount when you purchase from their website.

They also offer great insights on what to do if you’re a first-time buyer.

The store offers a wide variety of brands like Yamaha, Selmer, Keilwerth, and Yanagisawa, and the staff will let you try all these brands out until you find the one you’re most comfortable with.

To visit Vanguard Orchestral, go here

8. T. K. Melody (Taichung City)

This Taiwanese specialty store stands out from the rest.

This is because it doesn’t just sell saxophones but also manufactures them. You may consider it a special spot while on the quest for the best saxophone.

The store combines outstanding manufacturing techniques with modern-day technology, offering a wide selection of saxophones and accessories at competitive prices.

The people behind this store believe in the power of music and want to give everyone the chance to learn it, so their enthusiasm will enchant any saxophone player.

Their main objective is to spread the culture of musical education and sponsor local artists and musicians.

Check out T.K. Melody here

9. The Saxophone Store (Kuala Lumpur)

The Saxophone Store is the only saxophone specialty shop in Malaysia.

The founders are two young sax players with a passion for popularising the jazz instrument in Southeast Asia.

The staff has a saxophone technician who helps with the screening process of the products arriving at the store.

They check everything from key adjustments to detecting potential faults and testing every aspect of the instrument and the saxophone brand before displaying it to customers.

Visit The Saxophone Store here 

10. Sax Machine (Paris)

This Paris-based store has been around since 1978 and offers a variety of instruments, accessories, rentals, and repair services.

They sell new, vintage, and refurbished instruments to accommodate different price ranges and skill levels and allow you to try their instruments and accessories in their own music studio.

Their location holds a great deal of history as it’s near Place Dancourt, where the first Selmer stores were located and close to the musical factory of the saxophone’s inventor, Adolphe Sax.

Visit Sax Machine Paris

That’s it – 10 killer saxophone shops to tempt you away from your local music store. 

Whether you’re looking for a specific vintage saxophone, an upgrade, replacement, or rentals while visiting these cities, they are very worth checking out!

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