Author: Matt Fripp

Promoting your new album without a jazz publicist?

If you’ve ever looked into hiring a jazz publicist, you’ll probably notice one big thing: Most of them only work in their own country or territory. So, if you are aiming at touring internationally, you’d need to hire a whole bunch of different people to reach those markets. And that would be EXPENSIVE. If, like most musicians, you don’t have the budget to engage in worldwide PR, it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on this. You might never develop the address book of the great publicists, but there are a bunch of actionable things you can do...

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Video Q&A with Phil Woods of Jazzlines Birmingham

As part of the Jazzfuel How To Get More Jazz Gigs Course, I hosted a live Q&A with British jazz promoter Phil Woods, who’s worked for both Cheltenham Jazz Festival & Jazzlines in Birmingham. This video is a short clip from that interview, where he talks about the impact personal industry connections can have on a musicians’ touring and gig...

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10 Takeaway’s From This Year’s Jazz Industry Interviews [VIDEOS]

To mark the end of 2017, here’s a quick look back at each of the jazz industry Q&A’s from this year, with a key takeaway from each, that we can use to make 2018 the best year yet for getting gigs and building careers. (note: if you can’t listen/watch the videos right now, I’ve included a key quote – and a link to the full article – next to each video) Interview with Kurt Rosenwinkel “In the beginning, I booked my own gigs; I got the phone numbers of all the clubs in Spain and called them all up...

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Tips from 40+ International Jazz Festival & Club Promoters

  As an independent jazz musician, it’s not easy to know how to reach festival and club promoters and – when you do – to know exactly what they are looking for. As always, the best way to get some more insight into this is to ask the promoters themselves! So, I recently put together a super short survey which 40+ promoters around the world were kind enough to take part in and I just wanted to share the results in this article, along with some actionable tips which we can pull out of them… IT’S JAZZ, NOT SCIENCE…...

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Q&A with Dave Douglas
“The Unassuming King of Independent Jazz”

Dave Douglas is a trumpeter, composer and educator with more than 50 recordings as a leader, including projects with Joe Lovano (Sound Prints), Uri Caine (Present Joys) & Mark Guiliana (High Risk). He founded his own label – Greenleaf Records – in 2005 to release both his own projects and those of other musicians. All this, on top of a busy international touring schedule – saw Frank Alkyer – publisher of Down Beat – hail him as “the unassuming king of independent jazz, a model of do-it-yourself moxie, initiative and artistic freedom.” In a [jazz] world where musicians are increasingly needing...

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