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Featured jazz music videos [2020]

We’ve pulled together some of the best new jazz videos from around the world for you to check out. From solo piano through to large ensemble, we’ve got projects covering styles from swing, straight-ahead and modern jazz to world music, groove and soul…

Chris Gall & Mulo Francel:

From Bavaria to the Balkans to Bolivia. Together, pianist Chris Gall and saxophonist Mulo Francel have turned night into day in Buenos Aires as part of platinum-selling group Quadro Nuevo.

Now – more than 25 year after first meeting in a small Alpine town outside of Munich – these two dazzling figures of the European music scene present their debut duo album together, Mythos.

Altought they’re colleagues from the from the German most selling and gigging world music group Quadro Nuevo, the idea of this album began at the end of a hard climb of Kerkis, the highest mountain on the Greek island of Samos. From there, sparkling under the glistening southern sun, lies the sea of ​​Icarus, enshrined in Greek mythology. And so, the song Ikarus’ Dream, shown in this video, was born.

Isabelle SeleskovitchAlmond Trees

Billy Prim – Én Felkelék
Leandro Tuche Quartet – Window’s View

VEIN feat. Norrbotten Big Band “Symphonic Bop” – Boarding The Beat

Pericopes + 1: Live in Budapest
Pericopes + 1: Live in Budapest
James Fernando, Where the Grass is Greener (new single)
Billy Pod, Drums to heal society
ViO Music, Dharmakaya (360° video technology)
Chris Gall, solo piano, It Never Entered My Mind (from the album “Room of Silence”)

Giuseppe Joe De Gregorio – Brotherhood

George Burton – Finding 

James BeckwithLong Distance 

Treetop – Lyric Pieces, Op.47: 3. Melodi (Edvard Grieg)

Hover Trout – Bill the Pony

Nikol Bokova – Inner Place

Ben Winkelman Trio with Obed Calvaire and Matt Penman: Bx12 Part One

Point of Few – A Radio Medoly

Bahla – Still (Live at Fairlight Studios)

Binker Golding and Elliot Galvin: Adaequatio Intellectus Et Rei

Mathias Heise Quadrillion, Electroshock (from the album ‘Decadence’)
Lawful Citizen, Shatter (Evan Shay)