How To Get Maximum Free Publicity For Your Gig: Jazz Promoter ‘One-Sheets’

If you want your gigs to lead to more opportunities, it’s important the promotion is good.

You might think that’s the job of the promoter, but you can massively improve the results by giving them with your best promo materials.

This free template (click here to download) will help you do that quickly and easily…

Getting booked for a festival or jazz club can be a lot of work. But, once you have something confirmed, it’s not ‘mission complete.’

If you’re aiming for a long-term career, every gig is an opportunity to win some new fans and spread the news of your project a little further.

Whilst it may be the job of a jazz promoter to take care of, well, promoting the gig, it’s wise to take control of the situation yourself by providing them with the tools that they will need to do this.

For every band I work with, I produce a 1-page PDF which has everything a jazz promoter needs to spread the news of the show.

As soon as a booking is confirmed, they receive this PDF so they can immediately start planning their promo.

The result: they can get on with their job of spreading exactly the information you want them to spread. And, as a bonus, you will not need to waste time putting together promo materials or getting hassled for various bits of information on a gig-by-gig basis.


How much would you pay to have details of your new project sent to all the jazz fans in a specific area?

If you have a gig, the promoter can connect you directly with these people and it’s completely FREE! You just need to give him or her the best information.

I’d suggest that the amount of attention that goes into creating this promo information should be the same than if you were checking the final draft of a magazine advert. It may well reach a similar amount of people.


So if you’ve read this far, I’m going to presume you are onboard with the idea of putting this little document together. Here’s everything you need to include…

You can click here to download

What The Jazz Promoters Say…

I emailed 10 jazz promoters with this template and the feedback was pretty much the same: every band we book should send something like this!

So, help yourself to the free download and make sure every promoter who books your project receives this by email right away and can promote your show exactly as you want it to be promoted.

Working on promoting your project right now?

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3 thoughts on “How To Get Maximum Free Publicity For Your Gig: Jazz Promoter ‘One-Sheets’”

  1. Unfortunately, most of the jazz artists don’t have their promo info immediately ready in one place. It’s very difficult to work with partial info and/or having to collect info from different places. Photos and videos should have the highest quality possible.
    As booker and promoter of Jazzclub Karlsruhe, I use the info for our bi-monthly program print flyer, for posters throughout the city, on our web page for events and for posts on social media to promote the concerts. The more info, pictures and also videos you provide, the more posts I can share in different places.


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