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Whether you’re a jazz musician looking to promote a new release, or a fan looking to discover new music, there are a lot of options out there both via official curated jazz playlists and user-generated versions. 

Aside from our own New Jazz Releases playlist, we wanted to share some other tips for new discoveries that feature a range of different styles…

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Contemporary Jazz

Style: new/contemporary jazz (updated every week)
Curator: selected-by-guerino

Jazz Covers Pop

Style: Big pop songs given a jazz and lounge refresh.
Curator: Lark Recordings

Latin Jazz & Bossa Nova

Style: From classic 60s Bossa Nova to the latest Afro Cuban music of the New York scene and all points in between
Curator: Jazz in Europe

State of Jazz

Style: Flagship playlist for the newest hip jazz on the scene
Curator: Spotify (official)

Midnight Jazz Bar

Style: Blue Note & Classics
Curator: Don’s Tunes

Although known for his popular blues playlists on YouTube (boosting more than 1.5mil subscribers) and Spotify (140,000+ combined followers), he has an affinity for jazz too. His Midnight Jazz Bar Spotify playlist consists of carefully selected blend of Blue Note, East & West Coast classics, mixed with some modern fresh finds. 

420 Jazz

Style: Chill Jazz / Trippy Jazz / Psychedelic Jazz
Curator: Jon Magnusson


Style: cinematic style jazz often with electronics
Curator: GuadalĂ­ Alves Arregui

Modern Jazz

Style: A selection of music by great contemporary jazz artists
Curator: Viktor Bera

Soul, Jazz and Blues

Style: A great selection of should, jazz and blues song, old and new
Curator: Albatross_Music

Jazz, Red Wine & A Trumpet

Style :jazz legends and new jazz to seduce your mind and create a good coziness.
Curator: Simon Bäckelin

Instrumental Jazz

Style: A collection of straight ahead instrumental jazz music, both old and new
Curator: Jay Carney

Edge of Jazz

Style: new/contemporary jazz
Curator: Applefish (aka Nik Davies)

New Jazz Releases

Style: brand new releases from the contemporary jazz scene
Curator: Jazzfuel 

Contemporary Jazz Sounds

Style: genre bending music that has it’s roots in jazz
Curator: Jazzfuel 

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[host your own jazz playlist on Spotify? Feel free to share in the comments section below!]


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