The Best Saxophone Stands | Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Baritone Sax

Whether practicing or performing, having a sturdy saxophone stand to place your instrument on between songs can protect it from accidental damage and expensive repairs!

In this article we look at the factors to keep in mind when choosing a saxophone stand and some of the top picks on the market, from soprano and alto to tenor and baritone….

So before we get into details, let’s be clear:

A saxophone stand is a piece of equipment which holds your instrument upright when not in use.

It’s not recommended to keep your saxophone in a stand for hours at a time (that’s what the case is for!) but during a practice session or gig it’s a much safer storage place than balancing on a chair, bed or other flat surface.

Not only that, it keeps the sax in the ‘playing’ position rather than allowing spit and moisture to get into the pads.

So whilst it is not a super technical piece of equipment, there are a few things to look out when choosing a saxophone stand….

Saxophone Stands: Important Info


You already have a saxophone, mouthpiece, case and various other accessories to carry around, so choosing a lightweight stand is going to keep things manageable.

Whilst you might not be travelling too far or frequently with your instrument right now, it pays to think to the future and choose one that can stay with you for the long-term.


Regardless of whether you’ve opted for one of the low budget saxophones available online or a vintage classic, these instruments don’t come cheap!

So whilst a sax stand might seem like a detail, you want to be sure that’s not going to fall over easily, taking your instrument with it!

If you can get to a shop to try a few of these, that’s ideal. If not, check the reviews online (or take our advice below!)


As with every accessory, there’s a real range of costs when it comes to saxophone stands.

If money was no object (ha!) then there are some high-priced stands which will do a great job. That’s not necessary though, if you’re simply looking for a safe way to stand up your sax.

So be sure to compare the various price points – along with the other factors – to get a good piece of gear that doesn’t break the bank.


This might seem obvious, but worth mentioning: different types of saxophones are different sizes, so be sure to double check that it’s the right model before buying!

As you can imagine, an alto saxophone stand is not at all the same specification as a baritone one!

this is a saxophone stand

Top Recommended Sax Stands

Zither Saxophone Stand

This beautiful wooden stand is hand-crafted and comes in a variety of wood types and colours. The Zither saxophone stand is great because it gives you value for your money. Besides its elegance, the stand holds the saxophone firmly in place.

Premium quality materials are used in making this tenor saxophone stand. The Zither saxophone stand is made of hardwood and is polished to give it an elegant look. Wood polishing oil comes with it in case the sheen polish fades over time.

Hercules DS535B

If you are looking for the best baritone saxophone stand, this Hercules stand might be the right choice. The stand is made of durable plastic and has a sleek appearance.

You can easily fold the stand for convenient transportation and adjust the height. The Hercules stand has an extra peg hole to attach an optional instrument.

LOLUNUT Saxophone Stand

The LOLUNUT saxophone stand is lightweight, durable and easy to carry.

It is ergonomically designed and has an adjustable backrest to keep your saxophone secure. The stand has a metal base that keeps your instrument firm in one place. The LOLUNUT sax stand can be used for tenor or alto saxophones.

One thing that makes this stand unique from the others is the soft covers that come with it. The softcover can be used to protect the stand and the resting instrument from dust or any potential damage. Helpful if you keep your saxophone on a stand at home rather than in its case.

Amazon Basic Saxophone Stand

The Amazon basic sax stand is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget. The height of the stand can be adjusted to 17.3 inches, allowing easy positioning.

Tenor or alto saxophones can be placed on this stand. It’s lightweight and foldable, making it a breeze to carry around at a weight of only 2 pounds. A flute or a clarinet can also be attached to the extra peg that comes with it.

Padded arms prevent any damage to the musical instrument. The Amazon basic sax stand has rubber feet to keep it firm and prevent floor scratching.

Flanger FW 005

Soprano sax players love the Flanger FW 005 because of its ergonomic design. This metal stand has a curved shape and a foldable metal frame making it a great portable option.

Despite being made out of metal, this stand is lightweight, foldable and easy to carry. The backrest can be adjusted to hold a tenor saxophone as well.

Audio 2000’s AST4501

The Audio 2000’s AST4501 is the right choice for people looking for a combination stand. It is one of the best tenor sax stands out there thanks to its premium quality materials and durable, ergonomic design.

While the stand might not be lightweight, it is foldable, which makes it easier to carry around. Detachable clarinet and flute pegs are also included.

Edison Saxophone Stand

The Edison Saxophone stand is undoubtedly one of the best combination stands out there. The metal used is durable and resistant to rust, and the stand is easily foldable while weighing as little as 2 pounds.

The triangle base has two legs that can be adjusted accordingly to secure the stand in place. Foot covers are also attached to the legs, preventing any scratches on the floor.

Furthermore, the brackets are padded with a soft material to keep the saxophone secure and prevent any damage. You will get a sax strap and a cleaning cloth with the purchase.

Hercules DS538B

This saxophone stand can hold up to five instruments, so if you’re a multi-instrumentalist with more than one woodwind instrument this could be a good option for you.

The two backrests can hold your tenor and alto saxophone firmly in place, while the frame has three detachable pegs, which can be used for other instruments like a flute, clarinet, or soprano saxophone. The base of the stand has movable legs for easy positioning.

The Hercules DS538B is designed to secure multiple instruments in place at the same time. Roland Kirk would have loved this one!

Goniaa Saxophone Stand

This sax stand from Goniaa can also hol both an alto and a tenor saxophone. It can comfortably fit both with its adjustable brackets.

It’s made of metal with corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant properties.

Ezra padding is installed on the brackets to keep the bell of your saxophone free from scratches. The stand has a unique chain and lock feature that holds the saxophone firmly in place. The feet of the stand are padded with rubber to prevent scratches and wear to the floor.

This reliable alto and tenor sax stand has a foldable design for easy and convenient portability.

Hamilton Saxophone Stand

The Hamilton combination stand is best known for its quality and affordability. The metal frame is also coated with corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant coating for better durability.

It can be easily unscrewed and folded up for storage. This easy storage design makes the Hamilton stand fit in backpacks, making it one of the most convenient for taking to gigs and rehearsals.

The legs are designed and padded to keep the stand firmly secured in place. For the travelling saxophonists out there, the Hamilton might be the right choice for you!


Before buying a saxophone some key considerations include the type of saxophone you play, the adjustability of the stand, and, most importantly, a stable design.

We hope that the information provided narrows down your search for the best sax stands and helps you pick the right one. And it’s always best to keep in mind the right requirements for you and your saxophone before making a decision.

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