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In this article we’re going to dive into the world of saxophone cases and check out your different options.

Whether you’re looking for maximum comfort (hint: gig bags!), the best protection (the classic ‘box-style’ case) or something in between, we’ve got a range of suggestions that may suit.

It’s easy to think that saxophones are indestructible.

They’re heavy and made out of metal, right?!

But as many of us know from bitter experience, they are surprisingly easy to damage…

If you want to avoid technical problems and expensive repair bills, then it is worth investing in a case that protects your instrument properly.

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Sax cases come in a range of materials, depending on the level of protection required and the budget.

The most common of these are nylon (durable & light), plastic (cheaper), fiberglass (lightweight but protective), metal (durable but heavy) or even carbon fiber.

Regardless of what the outer shell is made from, the inside needs to be soft, padded and well-fitting for the instrument.

In this article we’ll talk you through the different options out there and key things to consider when making your choice, along with some of our recommendations of the best saxophone cases on the market right now.

Scotland-based freelance saxophonist Ellie Steemson and director of Fife Sax School.

box-style sax cases

Hard box-style sax cases

The hard ‘box-style’ is the most traditional saxophone case and the one which many new saxophones come supplied with.

Though these are generally a little heavier and less convenient to carry than their shaped counterparts, they have the advantage of being stable and stackable and they also offer a high level of protection.

With more internal and external storage space than a shaped case, they are a great option if you will be carrying lots of sheet music or other equipment.

In terms of size, alto sax cases in this style tend to be around 600 x 300 x 200 whilst tenor sax cases are of course larger (around 900 x 400 x 250)

The sturdiest of these may also be called flight cases which, as their name suggests, is because they are designed to withstand even the terrors of an airplane hold.

New BAM Trekking

This recently facelifted version of the ‘original BAM trekking’ has all of the great features of the classic sax case but with some modern touches.

It still offers fantastic protection, with a water-resistant fabric shell, but now features a slightly more contoured design and a brushed aluminium finish on the large external pocket.

The comfortable and sturdy backpack straps, plus neoprene padding at the rear, make it very comfortable to walk with.

It even has a foldaway waterproof cover in case you get caught in a downpour.

BAM (France) New Trekking Tenor Saxophone Case - Black Carbon
  • The New BAM (France) Shaped, Ultra...
  • The Newly Redesigned Trekking Cases are...
  • A Hard-Shell Relief was Added to Better...
  • The BAM New Trekking Case has a Plush...
  • The Case Comes Standard with an...

Selmer Paris Light

The Selmer Paris Light provides superb protection for your instrument with inner and outer storage space.

This fabric-covered hard sax case has had a recent redesign, bringing the look right up to date, and it now includes the extra security of a suitcase-style lock for the zipper.

It features comfortable backpack straps and excellent padding within.

Protec Pro Pac Rectangular

This rugged fabric-covered case features a shaped, lightweight wooden frame offering excellent protection for your instrument.

Exceptionally sturdy fastenings and a large organiser-style interior pocket make this case a very practical choice.

Inside, it features dedicated storage areas for your mouthpiece and neck, plus an extra lidded area to keep reeds, cork grease, cloths and other saxophone accessories.

Protec PB304 Alto Saxophone PRO PAC Case - Rectangular
  • Compact lightweight shock absorbing wood...
  • Dual-corded handle design with padded...
  • Large front-side zippered pocket with...
  • Custom strong metal hardware, long...
  • Soft molded interior with velvoa lining...

Saxophone cases - Shaped

Hard ‘Shaped’ Saxophone Cases

A hard ‘shaped’ case offers convenience for storage and travel, whilst retaining a high level of protection for your horn.

Many people also like the distinctive sax-shaped look of these cases, and for this reason they are the most popular type of case with a huge range of products available.

The addition of a backpack strap on many of these also makes them a much more practice choice than a boxy hard case.

With that in mind, here are our top picks:

SKB Contoured Pro

With dedicated interior compartments for the mouthpiece and neck, this relatively inexpensive option still offers plenty of protection for your saxophone.

The sturdy, simple construction allows for easy transport either with the handle or a shoulder strap, and it features a hard outer shell which is durable and does not mark easily.

SKB Contoured Pro Tenor Sax Case
  • Perfect fit valances with D-Ring for...
  • Hardware reinforced with backplates -...
  • Exterior pouches
  • Interior compartment for neck and...
  • Contoured Pro Tenor Sax Case.

Protec Pro Pac Contoured

This fabric-covered option features an inner moulded wooden shell with velvet interior, providing great protection.

It comes in a range of colours for tenor, alto saxophone and soprano saxophone and can be carried using the handle or a shoulder strap.

Two roomy exterior pockets allow for storage of accessories and inside there are dedicated spaces for the other main saxophone parts (mouthpiece & neck). 

Given its combination of lightweight design and a good level of protection, the PB310 PRO PAC sax case is a particularly popular option as a soprano sax case. 

Protec PB305CTXL Tenor Saxophone PRO PAC Case - XL Contoured (Black)
  • Specially designed to accommodate...
  • Lightweight shock absorbing wood frame,...
  • Dual-corded handle design with padded...
  • Large front side pocket with built-in...
  • Soft molded interior with non-abrasive...

BAM Softpack

With excellent internal protection for your instrument featuring high-density polyurethane foam, this stylish saxophone case is both compact and safe.

The clever exterior design features a glossy coloured finish on the top and a rubber finish beneath, to allow the case to grip to your back whilst walking, stopping it from slipping from side to side.

The interior features a small storage compartment and a space for the neck of the saxophone. It can be carried via a handle or shoulder strap.

Bam Softpack Alto Sax Case Ultra Marine Blue
  • An innovative case design that proves...
  • Features Polyamide waterproof cover on...
  • Also includes an adjustable shoulder...

Saxophone cases - Gig Bags

Soft Shaped ‘Gig Bags’

Super lightweight and comfortable to carry, these saxophone cases offer varying degrees of protection.

Sometimes referred to as ‘gig bags’, they are not as rigid as a hard case, but they do reduce the overall weight and size which is great if for travelling, especially with a tenor saxophone or baritone saxophone.

They make use of the bell of the saxophone for safe storage of the crook inside a padded fabric bag.

BAM Nashville Gig Bag

This stylish sax case features a unique look with a high level of design detail.

With a soft black velvet interior and movable cushions for the perfect fit, we think this case makes a real statement as well as providing fantastic protection.

Weighing in at just 2kg, it features two neoprene backpack straps for comfort whilst on the move, plus plenty of roomy external storage pockets, and features a neck pouch for safe storage inside the bell of the saxophone.

Tom and Will 36 series Gig Bag

The lightest of the three cases here at a tiny 1.1kg, the Tom & Will gig bag is an excellent option for keeping weight and bulk to a minimum.

This competitively-priced option features storage for the mouthpiece and neck within the bell of the saxophone in two soft-lined bags.

The exterior appearance is a simple but attractive design and comes in grey, red and blue.

The comfy backpack straps and padded back ensure maximum comfort whilst on the go.

Fusion Premium Gig Bag

This modern design is available in simple black or three striking two-tone options – red, blue and green.

It also features reflective panels for added safety when cycling or walking, and a robust fabric cover reinforced with rubber in the heavily impacted areas.

It even has a ‘flow system’ to keep your back cool whilst out and about!

Not the cheapest option of the bunch, but offers a high level of protection for a soft case, and can be extended to add extra storage with the addition of a ‘fuse-on’ from Fusion’s range of bags.

Thanks for reading!

If you’re looking for more recommendations on different types of gear, feel free to check out our Saxophone Home which includes advice on a range of topics including mouthpieces, ligatures, reeds and specific instruments. 

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