A Guide to the Best Jazz Clubs in Miami (2023)

Miami is home to some fantastic venues for watching and – if you’re a musician – performing jazz. Read on our for a rundown of our favourite jazz clubs in Miami.

From intimate basement lounges to cosy pubs with a penchant for live music, Miami has no shortage of great venues for jazz.

Whether you’re looking for a cosy spot to enjoy a gig and a glass of wine or a musician looking to play with the local jazz scene, here are our top picks of the best jazz clubs in Miami.

The Fish House/Backroom Live

This Miami venue is perhaps best known for its restaurant that serves up super fresh seafood dishes like Mahi Mahi tacos and pico de gallo. But aside from being one of the city’s favourite restaurants, The Fish Bar is also home to some of the best local jazz in the city.

Live performances of jazz and blues take place four days a week from the restaurant’s ‘backroom’. ‘Backroom Live’ is the perfect spot for a mid-week break from reality to relax and unwind.

Kick back with a beer while Miami-based musicians provide the soundtrack. Backroom live has featured live performances from jazz musicians like Lisanne Lyons, Tim Jago, Best Blues Jam and Rachel Coba.

The jazz club can get particularly busy, and it isn’t always easy to find a seat, so we recommend getting there early.

Lagniappe House

This New Orleans-style bar gives you a glimpse of what a real speakeasy might have looked like back in the day.

This colourful bar is a complete hidden gem and makes for a great night if you’re a fan of jazz.

The joyful atmosphere at Lagniappe is hard to beat, but you need to get there early if you want a seat as this place fills up very quickly.

Lagniappe House is open until late with live music every night of the week spanning various genres, such as bluegrass, folk, funk and a healthy dose of live jazz.

Head to their website to keep up to date with their programme.

The Corner

Close in proximity to some larger nightclubs, The Corner is a quiet, casual bar and ideal for those who want to kick back and listen to some relaxing jazz while having a cocktail or two.

Open until 5 am, The Corner hosts a live jazz night every Tuesday that begins at around 10 pm until late. In the past, the venue has hosted an array of Florida-based jazz groups including Lone Wolf, Mojo Hands, JB Quartet and Cyprus Cornwalls.

Thanks to its casual atmosphere, The Corner is a popular spot for locals and was once named as ‘Miami’s Best Jazz Night’ in an issue of Best of Miami.

Get yourself down to The Corner for a light bight, cocktails and lie jazz in a cosy, intimate space.

Le Chat Noir

Le Chat Noir (The Black Cat) was originally an establishment based in the fashionable city of Paris in 1881. In 2011, one of the cafe owner’s descendants reopened Le Chat Noir, this time in a new city across the pond from Europe.

Staying true to its history, this quirky bar is dedicated to jazz and the only bar in Miami that hosts live jazz all week round.

Found at 2 South Miami Avenue, Le Chat Noir is a casual, cosy spot with a capacity of 80. If you want to experience some of Miami’s best musicians while kicking back with a beer, this is the jazz club for you.

Jazz Musicians that have previously performed at the venue include Del Prado’s Cuban Hard Bop, The Frederico Brito Trio and Jose Gola.

The live music is performed in the spacious basement, where you can feast your eyes on the impressive wine cellar. Treat yourself to a bottle of something special while enjoying the fabulous music performed by local musicians.

The Globe

Get yourself down to Coral Gables, a city immediately south of Miami, for an epic showcase of live jazz music from some of the most well-known names in jazz.

Resident musical director The Globe, Rodolfo Zuniga, can often be seen taking to the stage alongside the likes of Gary Campbell, Silvano Monasterios and Aaron Lebos, just to name a few.

Other acts that have hit the stage at The Globe include Brenda Alford, RB Quartet and The Sherrine Mostin Quartet.

This intimate lounge and restaurant can be found at 377 Alhambra Circle and has been under the same family ownership since it opened in 1997.

Churchill’s Pub

This may not be your average jazz bar, but Churchill’s has been entertaining guests for over forty years with its typically British vibe coupled with live jazz music.

Believe it or not, this quirky establishment holds the universal record for the most acts in a single venue. Head on over to Churchill’s on a Monday for “Miami Jazz Jam,” which starts at around 9 pm until late.

The ‘Theatre de Underground’ is an open mic stage out back featuring readings from poets, comedians, and musicians. You can find Churchill’s at 5501 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, and the doors open at 5 pm.

If you’re a player looking to connect with the local jazz scene, get yourself over to Churchill’s to meet and play with some of Miami’s talented musicians in a relaxed setting.

So there we have it, our six favourite jazz clubs in Miami. Each of these venues has its own unique style, so be sure to check them out next time you’re in town.

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