Walking Bass | The Heartbeat of Jazz

In the vast and ever-evolving world of jazz, one element stands as an unwavering pillar of rhythm, harmony, and melody: the walking bass.

A journey into the heart of jazz is incomplete without an exploration of this quintessential technique, where every note tells a story, every beat is a pulse, and every step is a melodic stride.

In this article, we embark on a rhythmic voyage to unravel the enchanting art of the walking bass in jazz in the form of video.

Stay tuned for some of the most famous performances in jazz, but first here’s John Clayton to explain all…

Check out these epic performances from the some of the best jazz bass players of all time…

Charles Mingus

Ray Brown & Friends

Christian McBride

What are your favourite examples of the walking bass in jazz?

4 thoughts on “Walking Bass | The Heartbeat of Jazz”

  1. Thanks Matt… when I get reincarnated, I plan to start to learn the upright, the foundation of jazz. One of your best issues… pour yourself a Dubonnet!

  2. Damn, this was a great post. I’d never heard John Clayton before, and his presence, humor and musicianship really impressed me. Great clips from Mingus (what a group of musicians!), Brown (ditto–is there a recording available of that Carnegie Hall session? If not, I’m going to save the link.) and McBride (crisp, clean lines beginning to end). All the fun and casual precision of great jazz in a very neat package.

    Thank you.


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