The music and the musicians…

Regardless of whether you’re learning to play jazz or just a passionate fan, there’s so much amazing music out there! On this page, you’ll find all the information on the articles and features on the Jazzfuel site which aim to help you discover more great jazz music.

We’ve profiled some of the great players, highlighted the many styles of jazz through history and picked out some of the most essential artists to check out on each instrument.

→ The jazz greats…
→ Best jazz pianists, trumpeters, drummers…
→ Cool jazz, hard bop, bebop, free jazz…

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Jazz Music: Instrument-by-Instrument

We know: everyone has their own tastes and there’s no such thing as a definite list of ‘best’ players in music.

But it’s still fun to think about and a good excuse to go back and listen to some of the greatest jazz albums ever recorded! If you’re keen to dive into some of those right now, why not check out:

best jazz drummers of all time
Best jazz bass players
best jazz trumpet players (title)
best jazz pianists

Books & movies

Discovering the stories behind the music….

So often, the actual music only tells half the story. For those of you interested in getting to know what was going on around the playing, we’ve got some recommendations!

Firstly, don’t miss the (ever-growing) list of great jazz biographies. We’ve ordered them by instrument, so you can jump straight to the one you’re most interested in.

Similarly, we’ve put together an overview of 18 of the best jazz documentary films of all time. Of course, there’s still some to add (as people in the comments section have reminded us!) but hopefully you’ll discover a few new ones along the way…

best jazz books
Jazz documentaries and films (titles)

The Musicians

Focus on some of the jazz greats through history…

As everyone knows, if you want a quick biography of a jazz great, you’ll probably find it on Wikipedia.

We’ve tried to dig a little deeper and pull out some of the more interesting career highlights of individual musicians, with a focus on the music they played and the albums they released.

Sound interesting?

You can check out our articles on the greats like Miles Davis, Michael Brecker, Kenny Wheeler and Paul Chambers or discover more about what’s going on in jazz today with our new releases playlist or jazz video premieres area.

Miles Davis Moments
Kenny Wheeler Albums
Michael Brecker
Best Paul Chambers Bass Albums


The best musicians & albums from different periods of jazz…

The first jazz recording was made in 1917 (by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band) and in the 100+ years since then the music has seen some radical innovations and upheavals.

From early ‘trad’ jazz to swing, bebop, hard bop, cool, free, avant garde & fusion music – not to mention all the modern jazz of today – it’s pretty amazing how much has changed in such a relatively short space of time.

Compare that to Western classical music, for example, where individual periods like Baroque and Romanticism lasted well over a century each.

In this section, we’ve highlighted a few of the more famous styles of jazz and presented some of the best artists and most essential albums from each period…

free jazz (title)
Best bebop artists & albums in jazz history (title)
10 best hard bop albums in jazz
Cool jazz albums & artists (title)

Learning to play jazz?

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