Spotlight: New York Jazz Musicians in 2023

We asked 60 New York jazz musicians for their take on which musicians seem to be getting a ton of gigs and attention right now…

Here are the results, in alphabetial order.

[Are you included in this list? If you want a different video or track embedded, leave me a message in the comments…]

Adam O’Farrill (trumpet)

Allan Bezama (guitar)

Allan Mednard (drums)

Benny Benack (trumpet/vocals)

Caelan Cardello (piano)

Hank Allen Barfield (drums)

Immanuel Wilkins (sax)

Jacob Melsha (trombone)

Julius Rodriguez (piano)

Kalia Vandever (trombone)

Lakecia Benjamin (saxophone)

Naama Gheber (vocals)

Nate Smith (drums)

Nicole Glover (saxophone)

Peter Bernstein (guitar)

Sarah Hannahan (saxophone)

Seoyeon Im (violin)

Simon Moullier (vibes)

Stella Cole (vocals)

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