Jazz Media

There’s a lot of content on the Jazzfuel site about the importance of releasing new music in the right way.

And by ‘the right way’ I mean: making sure it gets the attention it deserves from fan and industry alike!

We’ve talked in detail about press releases and biographies, pre-orders & singles, social media & audience engagement….

But there’s something else which is pretty important if you decide to pitch your own music for press coverage and reviews.

You need to know what your options are in terms of jazz media.

You know, the jazz blogs, magazines, radio stations, playlists that might actually be interested in promoting your latest release for you.

Reaching out to the Jazz media

In our work running press outreach campaigns for jazz musicians, we’ve connected many great jazz media outlets around the world.

Of course, getting to know these people personally and pitching the ‘right’ things to the ‘right’ people is very important, but in this part of the Jazzfuel site we just wanted to introduce you to some of the many options out there.

Hopefully it will give you some extra inspiration and motivation in promoting your next release as well as possible.