New Releases Jazz Playlist | Jazzfuel

This jazz playlist is made with the pretty much the opposite approach to Spotify. The streaming giant tries to recommend exactly what they think you’ll like, or to categorise the music into sub-genres so you know exactly what to expect.

Knowing how discerning jazz fans today are, we’ve taken an alternative route…

This playlist features all different sorts of jazz: from contemporary, avant garde music, to swing and big big. From cool jazz to electronic, crossover sounds.

It’s all super high quality music, but you probably won’t like all of it…

The goal is not to make a jazz playlist that you will love, from start to finish. It’s to make a playlist that lets you discover one or two hidden gems that you wouldn’t have otherwise heard.

So feel free to hit ‘skip’ on some of them, but don’t forget to ❤️the ones you like!

And, if you want to get updates when new tracks are added, hit the ‘follow‘ button over on Spotify. We’re adding new music to this playlist each week. Most of the songs are from members of the ever growing Jazzfuel community of musicians around the world, but we also get recommendations from industry friends: jazz magazines, journalists, promoters, agents & other influencers.

If you’re a musician and have just released a new album, you can submit a track for inclusion here.