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This regularly updated Spotify jazz playlist aims to showcase new releases both from Jazzfuel subscribers and via recommendations from journalists, promoters, agents & influencers around the world. If you have a new jazz release coming up in the next few weeks and would like to submit a track for inclusion on the playlist, you can drop me an email with more info.

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Spotify Calculator

Planning a new release? This calculator lets you estimate roughly how many streams you'd need on Spotify to cover the cost of recording & promoting it. As well as the total number of streams needed per album and per track, you'll also see how many...

Making Spotify Work For YOU

Spotify gets a bad rap in some circles for the percentages it pays out and the millions of streams you need to see any serious, direct, income.  But today we're going to put that aside and look at some of the ways you can get some real value from Spotify if your music...

London Jazz & Beyond
(Q&A with writer/editor Peter Bacon)

Peter Bacon is editor-at-large of London Jazz News - recently described as the most in-depth local jazz coverage on the planet - and has been writing about jazz for 40 years. He's written about albums and concerts from various positions, including as a full-time...

Keeping momentum with your tour booking

More than 300 musicians on the Jazzfuel mailing list recently took part in a survey to answer questions about their careers: where’re they’re at, what they've got planned, the successes they’ve had so far and the challenges they face with tour bookings, releasing...

Promoting your new album without a jazz publicist?

Whether you can't afford a jazz publicist for your next release, or you just want to fill in the gaps in countries they're not covering, this article looks at how you can do some DIY PR for your new music.   If you’ve ever looked into hiring a jazz...

Should You Really Be Releasing An Album?

If you’re a jazz musician looking to build your profile and get more gigs, there’s actually a pretty good argument that releasing EPs or singles - frequently - could make more impact than releasing an album.In this article, I'll explain why... EPs instead...

Q&A with jazz journalist Bruce Lindsay

  I spend a lot of time on my laptop checking out jazz and, when it comes to reviews, the name Bruce Lindsay is one that comes up a lot! Based in Norwich, UK, Bruce wrote his first album review in 1974 and has gone on to write HUNDREDS more in the years since,...

How To Get Reviewed by a Jazz Journalist

Getting your latest project reviewed by the jazz press is key to getting more attention for your music. But if you're taking the DIY approach to music PR, it's not always clear how to get the best results. In this article, British music journalist Matthew Wright has...