A Guide to The Best Jazz Guitar Forums

If you want to learn jazz guitar online, numerous options are available, whether via websites or social media channels managed by professional musicians.

Online forums are an excellent source for tips, chord progressions, gear recommendations and much more. Read on for our pick of the best jazz guitar forums.

The best way to learn jazz guitar is face-to-face with a good teacher, but if you’re teaching yourself or need to ask questions between lessons, jazz guitar forums are fantastic resources for learning from fellow guitarists.

Online jazz guitar forums are great for finding links to eBooks, courses, and tips to try at home, so let’s take a look at the best jazz guitar forums on the internet right now.

The Jazz Guitar Forum

As the name suggests, this forum brings together a community of jazz guitar players and is considered one of the most active jazz guitar forums online.

It offers a wide range of insights, chords, licks, courses, and tips and tricks from professional musicians. You’ll also find a lot of helpful queries from student jazz players who are facing trouble practising at home.

The FAQs section contains an abundance of tips to help you learn music theory and techniques.

The forum allows you to share videos of yourself playing the guitar and talk about your musical composition ideas, live gigs, or guitar workshops. It also includes many chords for practising acoustic guitar and introduces you to renowned guitarists by commemorating their achievements on a monthly basis.

The Acoustic Guitar Forum

This forum is dedicated to acoustic guitar and consists of a vast community of active guitar players.

People participate in live conversations to discuss various guitar techniques. The forum covers various genres including classical, rock, blues, jazz, country, or any other genre that uses the acoustic guitar.

If you’re a gypsy jazz player, this is likely to be the best forum for you.

The forum is divided into general guitar discussions, a for-sale section, and other discussions. Each title contains several topic headings related to the category, with endless links and answers from members.

This is a great forum for beginners, who are usually the most active members on the discussion boards.

Harmony Central Forums

This forum is perfect for beginners to learn about basic guitar techniques, which are essential for mastering jazz guitar.

Aside from the forums, you can find various sections on the website, such as expert and user reviews, articles about various genres and general guitar information, classifieds and news sections.

The discussion boards also allow you to post your music and share news about your upcoming events to promote your band. You can benefit from expert feedback on your videos and ask for tips to improve your style and technique.

Ultimate Guitar Community

This guitar forum has a vast community of professional players and amateur guitar enthusiasts. The forum discussions consist of various topics about technicalities, equipment, instruments, and accessories.

The forum is not just limited to a certain playing style or music genre, making it the most well-rounded forum for aspiring guitarists. If you play multiple genres, not just jazz music, this could be the forum for you.

Aside from the discussion boards, you can find a tabs section with numerous songs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. There’s also a “shots” section where people upload one-minute videos while playing the guitar to share them with the community.

The website allows you to start your own tab and post a new customised topic to discuss with other members on the forum.

When you first enter the forum, a pop-up window will appear asking you about your guitar level and which genre you’re interested in. Jazz music is featured prominently on the forum so there will be plenty of discussions to help you improve your technique.

Guitar Tricks Forum

This general guitar forum has an easy-to-use interface and a diverse range of topics and pages. You can pick the difficulty level and simply click on your favourite artists to start learning their songs on the guitar.

The songs are divided into music eras, movies and soundtracks, love songs, and other categories. You can also find a tab dedicated to riffs if you want to practice your solos. You can find various activities, news, members’ reviews, guitar-related articles, and the best tips and tricks for beginners.

Many people use this forum to ask for experts’ guidance when buying a new guitar, gear or accessories. So if you’re looking for a new amp or electric guitar head to a relevant discussion for recommendations from fellow guitar players and experts.

Guitar Forums

This is a more straightforward forum with a few topic links for open discussions, introducing you to the community where you can ask any guitar-related inquiries.

You can choose topics according to your preferred genre, so for jazz guitar, click on the technique and genre link and search for jazz-related questions. You can, of course, write your own posts on the forum to ask questions, share some of your knowledge and comment on other posts.

The forum is categorised into main topics, including general skills in the studio and gear discussions to cover the most common inquiries by guitar enthusiasts.

Guitar Noise Forums

This forum offers you a personalised experience by choosing the topics you’re most interested in and sharing conversations with members of the community.

It’s divided into several categories that allow you to meet and greet fellow guitarists, find easy songs to play as a beginner, learn how to set up your guitar, and engage in various discussions.

The Gear Page

This is another great forum for beginners that covers various topics and queries. It also announces different membership programs that offer collaborative discussion threads.

The Gear Page also contains an introduction tab for members to get together and talk about their favourite music genre and playing styles. It offers musicians the opportunity to play live on the forum with the community tuning in and giving them feedback in real-time.

There are also threads for concert notifications and artist spotlights to share your music with other members.

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