Jazz Puns – Countdown To The Best Album Titles

I was about to start by writing “I like jazz puns as much as the next person” but that’s not true; I like them a lot more!

So for no other reason than personal entertainment (and I hope a smile for you, too) I thought I’d dig up some of the best – or worst – jazz pun album titles of all time…

(As a bonus, they also happen to be some of the best jazz albums ever…)

Once you start looking, you’ll realise how many there are out there! What are your favourites?

10. Good Vibes (Gary Burton)

All you nee to know (if you didn’t already) is that Gary Burton is a vibraphonist. Other great vibe-related album title jazz puns are available…

9. Subconcious-Lee

With a bunch of great jazz pun song titles under his belt (Ice Cream Konitz, anyone?!) the great alto saxophone player gave us this gem of an album.

8. Work of Art (Art Farmer)

A name like “Art” certainly lends itself to a great jazz pun, as the fact that this short list includes two different musicians with that name proves!

The first, is this classic work of art…

7. Miles Ahead (Miles Davis)

Another legendary jazz musician with a very pun-able name… Miles Davis was not afraid of using it either, with a handful of great album names out there!

6. The Real McCoy (McCoy Tyner)

A personal favourite of mine (perhaps as it also reminds me of those 90s crisps…) which also happens to be a groundbreaking jazz album.

5. Night Hawk (Coleman Hawkins)

The ever-distinguished Coleman Hawkins was no slouch when it came to jazz puns and album titles, as this double CD – Night Hawk and Very Saxy prove!

4. Modern Art (Art Pepper)

The second of our two Arts; this early Art Pepper album is a slightly hidden gem in the saxophonist’s discography.

3. Harold in the Land of Jazz (Harald Land)

Top marks for the double pun here, as Harald Land manages to squeeze both his names in to one punning album title!

2. Study In Brown (Clifford Brown)

It might not sound like the most exciting topic for a jazz album, but Study in Brown is not only a commendable pun, but an iconic album in the all-to-brief collaboration between Clifford Brown and Max Roach.

1. Sonnymoon for Two (Sonny Rollins)

‘Sonny’ might also lend itself easily to pun names (as I’m sure Mr Rollins would agree) but he uses it to great effect… not to mention the fact that he is (for me) the greatest saxophonist of all time.

Wow, you’re still here?!

Thanks for either indulging me, or having a similar jazz sense of humour!

If you made it this far, you may as well tap your own favourite (either from this list of elsewhere) into the comments section below!

Looking for more weighty topics? Our list of the 50 best jazz albums of all time is waiting.

3 thoughts on “Jazz Puns – Countdown To The Best Album Titles”

  1. It seems I’m the only person who thinks this is a great article! I’m struggling to add jazz puns but it would be remiss of me not to highlight the great talent of vocalist/lyricist Martin Walkyier of rock band Skyclad in this regard.

    Album titles:
    A Burnt offering For The Bone Idol
    Oui Avant-Garde à Chance
    Silent Whales of Lunar Sea
    Vintage Whine

    The Great Brain Robbery
    Any Old Irony
    History Lessens
    Great Blow For A Day job
    Single Phial
    A Minute’s Piece
    Little Miss Take


  2. Here are a couple albums from my most favorite trumpeter Lee Morgan:
    1. Lee-Way
    2. Delightfulee
    Additionally, he also used the play on his name on several songs from different albums that I really enjoy:
    1. “Most Like Lee” from Cornbread
    2. “Cunning Lee” from Caramba!
    3. “Melancholee” from Search for the New Land


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