The guides, custom-made templates & checklists available around the Jazzfuel site are designed to help you with different aspects of your career. You can find them all on this page along with links for free download or to learn more.

jazz promoter one-sheets
This free template gives you a clear & easy way to present your content to promoters who book you, so they can do their best to promote your show to their audience.
Join 4,000+ jazz musicians around the world on the free Jazzfuel mailing list. I’ll let you know when new articles are online and also send you extra ideas and offers not available on the website.
A spreadsheet to help you keep track of the journalists, promoters and other ‘industry’ people that you want to keep in touch with.
Festival & club promoters around the world give their best piece of advice on how to get more jazz gigs.
Your handy cheat-sheet to getting reviewed by a jazz journalist – by music writer Matthew Wright. url=”#cb328a94d6
20 key takeaways from 2+ years of Jazzfuel interviews – all in one short PDF guide.
Building or updating your website? Here’s a short checklist of what to include – and what to avoid!