Record Store Day

This year, Record Store Day is celebrated in various countries around the world on the 22nd April. But what is it, how long has it been running and how might musicians use this to their advantage?

Record Store Day is an annual event which champions the importance of independently owned record stores worldwide. 

And, as an artist, it’s a great excuse to shine a bit more light on your recent releases and get people buying physical products!

Established in 2008, Record Store Day (RSD) was launched by a group of independent record store owners, aiming to raise awareness of the important role of nearly 1,400 stores in the USA – and thousands more worldwide – play in their respective communities and the wider music industry. 

Over the years, the event has evolved into a significant event for vinyl enthusiasts, with limited edition releases and exclusive performances held at some stores.

In fact, the official website lists a whole host of upcoming releases here including vinyl releases of artists including Ornette Coleman, Medeski, Martin & Wood and Joe Lovano.

In addition to classic reissues, Record Store Day – perhaps more importantly – promotes a mix of new jazz releases, allowing fans to discover new artists or revisit recent favourites. 

The annual event has had a significant impact on the industry and plays a crucial role in promoting the unique charm and relevance of independent record stores, particularly in the realm of jazz music.

By highlighting the contributions of these establishments, the event reinforces the bond between the jazz community and real, curated shops, in a market increasingly dominated by digital media and streaming.

With independent record stores gearing up for one of their busiest days of the year, it’s a prime opportunity for enthusiasts to support local businesses and independent musicians to push sales of their releases!

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