Earlybird Offer! 


Send us your best content and we’ll create a simple-but-stylish Squarespace design for your artist or band website within 7 days

If you’re looking to impress potential promoters, journalists & fans – as well as stay connected with existing ones – your website as a musician needs to be simple but professional.

Broken elements, out-of-date content or messy styling is not just a vanity metric; it gives the impression that the project is also out-of-date, amateur or unloved…

But unless you’re looking to add ‘web designer’ to the huge list of jobs you’re already supposed to take care of as a 21st Century musician, putting this together (and keeping it up-to-date) can be annoying and frustrating.

As little as 10 years ago, the only solution would have been to pay several hundreds (or even thousands) for someone to build this for you.

Then even more for them to keep it up-to-date.

Luckily for us, website builders for musicians like Squarespace, Wix, Bandzoogle and Weebly make things easier and more affordable.

But just because there’s no technical barrier to making your own website now, it doesn’t mean you have the time or motivation to build a great-looking home on the web.

Confidence to Book You, Review You or Buy Your Music

Let’s be honest: a great website on its own doesn’t guarantee you gigs, press coverage and album sales.

It does, however, give those potential customers confidence that you are not just making great music, but taking care of ‘business’ too.

If that’s something you have been missing for a while now, we have an offer which can help you fix this in 7 days…

Want a stylish, affordable new website in 7 days?  

Out of all the website builders out there, Squarespace – in our opinion – is the best.

As long as you have a couple of great photos you can make a site which looks beautiful and is intuitive to use.

We teamed up with a Squarespace expert in Berlin to figure out the best ways to display the most important elements of a musician website.


1. Submit Content

Once you’re order has been approved, we will send you a link to submit your content for the site, as well as space to add any notes or questions for us.

2. Quick Chat

We’ll be in touch to request any final information or to clarify any requirements within 48 hours.

3. Site Build

We will assemble all the content into a stylish Squarespace template on a private domain and send to you for a first check

4. Tweaks

You are invited to send any comments, questions or requests about the site for us to work with.

5. Sign Off

Once you’re happy with the site, you will need to make sure you have an active account on Squarespace and we will arrange a short video call to connect it to the domain name of your choice and transfer ownership to you

6. After-Support

We’ll provide you with some video demos for how to update and maintain the site and you are welcome to reach out anytime in the first 30 days to get extra help using the platform.


What do I need to provide?

In order for us to create a great website, you need to be able to supply the following content:

  • At least two high res photos in landscape format
  • A link to at least one good Youtube video of your project
  • Links to your social media profiles (including Bandcamp and Spotify if you have them)
  • A link to your existing website (if you have one)
  • A short bit of text about your project (don’t worry, you can change this anytime)

What’s the deal?

As this is a new service, we are offering a special price and special conditions…

Firstly, the total cost for building the site is currently just €150 + tax

Secondly, if you do not like the site after we have built it and incorporated any feedback you have, you can (within the following 7 days) choose not to take the site and get a full refund.

So basically it’s a no-risk way to see how great your site could look in Squarespace.

If you decide you would like to take on the site, you will just need to have a domain name for us to connect it to, as well as an active hosting plan on Squarespace (recommended level: business)

What’s included?

The basic package involves us putting your content (videos, photos, text, links) into a slimline format which can include any/all of these:

  • Long, mobile-friendly homepage including photos, videos, tour-dates, music, signup form & text
  • About page
  • Videos page
  • Photos page
  • Contact page
  • Social media link

What’s not included

We are following our own best practices by building sites which make the most out of linking to and/or embedding from more popular platforms. As such, this offer does not include:

  • Self-hosted shop (instead, we highly recommend linking out to Bandcamp or a similar online store)
  • Native music player (instead, we highly recommend embedding music from Bandcamp or Spotify)
  • Multiple project pages (if you have lots of projects that need their own page, this can be done at an additional cost)
  • Writing and editing (we are happy to advise on best practices, but if you are looking to have your biography and other text custom-written, we can connect you with relevant journalists)

What can I customise?

Whilst working from a pre-planned design helps us keep the cost so low, there are a few things which can be customised to transform the look and feel of the site:

  • Colours (background, sections, text, buttons)
  • Font (headers, body text)

What will it look like?

Each site will look unique due to the importance of using the images and content you give us in the design.

However, you can get an initial idea of the style of these Squarespace sites through this example.



Click below to fill in a few details on the application and we’ll be in touch to discuss