Tomasz Dąbrowski & The Individual Beings | Better | March 29, 2024

Release: March 29, 2024

Named ‘one of Europe’s most versatile and curious players’ by Downbeat Magazine, Polish trumpeter Tomasz  Dąbrowski returns with the sophomore album from his internationally acclaimed septet. Following their eponymous 2022 debut, the ensemble proudly presents ‘Better’, set to release on March 29th on April Records

With an atypical lineup featuring the cream of the crop of the Polish and Scandinavian contemporary improvisation scenes, ‘Better’ captures the edge and energy of a live performance extended and elevated by the use of electronic instruments and textures.

Drawing the listener in with its refined sense of spaceand pace, the record sees the septet navigate their way through Dąbrowski’s open compositional ideas, passing melodic structures around the ensemble and evolving through ethereal ambient soundscapes, scorching solos and adventurous cacophonies of collective improvisation. Drawing on a year’s worth of experience performing extensively together as an ensemble, the level of intensive listening, interactivity and trust within the group enables each instrumentalist to fearlessly contribute their voice.

“Every track has a unique twist. ‘Upright’ plays with form. ‘Bonzer’, the use of instrumentation. ‘Hale & Hearty’ explores textures.”

A testament to the ensemble’s commitment to artistic growth and creative evolution‘Better’ reminds us to consider what we all can and should strive for. It’s an inspiring message that manifests in the music and radiates through every aspect of life. “We should all strive to do better. To be better versions of ourselves and observe how it resonates within and in those around us,” Dąbrowski says.

Line up

Tomasz Dąbrowski | Trumpet, Electronics
Frederik Lundin |
Tenor Saxophone
Irek Wojtczak |
Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Grzegorz Tarwid |
Grand Piano, Synthesizer
Max Mucha |
Double Bass
Knut Finsrud |
Electric & Acoustic Drums
Jan Emil Młynarski |
Electric & Acoustic Drums

Track Listing

F Jak Samolot
Skinny Griffin
Hale & Heary

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