Rumpistol | Going Inside | September 29, 2023

Release: September 29, 2023

Following the success of his 2022 release ‘Isola’, award-winning Danish producer, film composer, electronic musician and pianist Jens B. Christiansen (aka Rumpistol) is proud to present the third installment of his piano trilogy, ‘Going Inside’. Created for inner journeys and psychedelic therapy, it’s set to release on Raske Plader on September 29th.

The album is the result of Rumpistol’s two decades of experience in creating electronic ambient music for the inner canvas, but is also largely influenced by feedback received from people who use his music to get through difficult crises such as grief, anxiety, stress and depression.

The album was born during a period of five days in early 2022 when Rumpistol retreated alone to a small cabin on the Danish coast. The dark season and isolation enabled him to enter a state of creative flow he had never experienced before, sketching out the majority of the ideas for the record’s 12 tracks on his own.

Upon returning from his trip Rumpistol sought out a team of skilled instrumentalists to feature on his new music, as it was important to him that his audience could sense the human presence in his recordings. Lush strings, fretless bass, mesmeric vocals, harp, alto flute, and guitars give Rumpistol’s cavernous soundscapes a sense of intimacy and closeness.

Sitting somewhere between ambient electronica, neoclassical music, soft-rock, and jazz, Going Inside is a dynamic exploration of meditative moods built with wide ranges of processed electronic and organic instrumental texture. Rich comforting harmony, lyrical melodies and thoughtful arrangements come together to flood the listener in peace and warmth.

Celebrating 20 years as a working artist this year, Rumpistol has performed across the USA, Europe, Mexico & Brazil, released eight albums under his own name, been championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson, received a Danish Music Award for his ensemble Kalaha, and even had his music played at theopening ceremony for the paralympics in Rio in 2016.

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Line up

Jens Berents Christiansen | Keyboards, composition, production
Julius Ditlevsen | Alto flute
Selma Trier 
| Harp
Maria Jagd 
| Violin
Line Felding 
| Cello
Stine Grøn 
| Vocals
Emil de Waal 
| Drums, percussion
Anders Stig Møller 
| Bass
Kristian Hoffman 
| Slide Guitar

Track Listing

Be Here
b b b O d d d
Let Go
Be Open
The Way Out
d d d O b b b 
Is In
To Love