Quadro Nuevo | HAPPY Deluxe | April 12, 2024

Release: April 12, 2024

Quintessential world music quartet Quadro Nuevo are internationally renowned for their vivid acoustic landscapes blending arabesques, Balkan swing and daring improvisations. Globetrotting from Central Europe to rich cultural scenes on the Greek and Aeolian Isles, in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, the ensemble weaves the joyful spirit of their travels into their music to craft melodies as vivid as memories embossed on postcards. ‘HAPPY Deluxe’ is set to release on April 12th.

Since the ensemble’s inception by childhood friends Mulo Francel and Didi Lowka in 1996, Quadro Nuevo’s sound has been shaped by their passionate love of their instruments and the vagabond life music thrusted them into. 

The virtuosos have given over 4000 concerts worldwide. After receiving coveted awards, including two ECHO awards, a gold record, and the German Record Critics’ Award, the quartet continues to resonate with audiences across the globe.

Heavily informed by the sounds, sights and energy of their recent tour of Brazil, the band found themselves so intoxicated by pulsating samba, lively chorinho and sunny bossa nova that they felt compelled to promptly dive into a Rio recording studio. Incorporating the exuberance and rhythmic frameworks of latin music into their sound, ‘Happy Deluxe’ combines breezy melodies, delicate nylon guitar, thoughtful compositions and effortless improvisations from every corner of the ensemble in a reflective homage to moments of happiness.

Instrumental in shaping this new album are New York vibraphonist Tim Collins, specialist in Latin guitar Paulo Morello, guitarist Philipp Schiepek, and percussionist Marco Lobo. From saxophone, to vibraphone, harpejji, pandeiro and whistle, the album meanders through a vast array of acoustic timbres and textures, and accentuates Quadro Neuvo’s trademark pan-global sound.

“Even in times of crisis and war, music can offer a positive alternative world.” the ensemble reflects. With refreshing reinterpretations of iconic hits such as Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ and Bobby McFerrin‘s ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ coupled with newly minted originals like ‘Here and Now,’ Quadro Nuevo believe ‘HAPPY Deluxe’ encapsulates the ebullience of their journey and their indefatigable pursuit of creating authentic, uplifting music.

Line up

Mulo Francel | Tenor Sax, Clarinets, Mandoline, Whistle, Flute, Tenor Recorder
Andreas Hinterseher | Accordion, Vibrandoneon, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone
D.D Lowka | Bass, Percussion


Chris Gall | Piano, Harpejji, Pandeiro
Tim Collins | Vibraphone, Voice, Drums, Shaker
Paul Morello | Jazz Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Cavaquinho
Phillip Schiepek | Jazz Guitar, Spanish Guitar
Marco Lobo | Brazilian Percussion

Track Listing

Quadro Samba
Morello Beach
Tender Melody
Ipanema Calling
Ada’s Song
Ilha Grande
Rio Sunrise
7 to 1
Here and Now
Before your Eyes were Open
Bei den Jupaú
Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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