Mathias Landæus | Path | April 12, 2024

Release: April 12, 2024

Known for his vast musical output celebrating connection, imagination and freedom, Swedish pianist Mathias Landæus’ upcoming record sees him gather his favorite musicians and oldest friends to paint an intuitive picture of self-awareness and discovery. ‘Path’ is set to release on April 12th.

Featuring a five piece lineup with an age span of nearly four decades, the band is a recurring expansion of the pianist’s long standing trio with the additions of three-time Grammy nominee and Blue Note Records artist Tim Hagans (trumpet), and Karl-Martin Almqvist (tenor saxophone) with whom Landaeus has been performing and recording for over 20 years

The ensemble’s impressive collective CV includes performances and recordings with titans of the art form, including Benny Golson, Jerry Bergonzi, Aaron Parks, Dexter Gordon, Joe Lovano, Nduduzo Makhathini, and more.

Spurred on by the playful quality of their ensemble and “sibling-like dedication” to the group both on and off stage, Landaeus composed the backbone of Path, the Body-Mind-Spirit Suite, with these musicians specifically in mind. Folk-tinged melodies interpreted with a delicate, breath-like rubato feel evolve into grooving explorative improvisations in Landaeus’ signature style where composition and spontaneity share the spotlight. 

Balancing the spiritual side of the music with inventive compositional concepts, each piece on Path was written within a specific musical framework. Body was built on a simple pentatonic melody and a vamp in 11/8, Mind is centered around a theme derived from a 12-tone rowReminder cycles symmetrically through three keys, and Tim Hagans’ composition Free Mess is a contrapuntal exploration of the third mode of Olivier Messiaen.

With a level of listening and interactivity only achievable through years of performing together, the quintet’s egoless and textural ensemble approach seems to ebb and flow through space and energy as one living being.

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Line up

Mathias Landæus | Grand Piano
Tim Hagans | Trumpet
Karl-Martin Almqvist | Tenor Saxophone
Cornelia Nilsson | Drums
Johnny Åman | Double Bass

Track Listing

Body: A Tree Merging With Itself
Mind: Saved by Imagination
Free Mess
Spirit: Waving Flags in the Mist