Luciana Morelli | Words of the Wind | June 7, 2024

Release: June 7, 2024

Basel based, Argentinian singer/composer Luciana Morelli draws on her Argentinian roots and connection to improvised music to tell meaningful stories through music and lyrics. Her upcoming third album sees the vocalist set poems by Emily BrontëAlejandra PizarnikAnne Carson and Robin Myers to music across a series of eclectic ensembles. ‘Words of the Wind’ is set to release on June 7th on Habitable Records.

The record follows her 2021 release ‘Lo abismal, el agua’ (ears & eyes records) – a musical reflection of her journey from her home in Argentina to her new world in Switzerland, met by international acclaim from radio and publications across Europe, the UK, the USA and Argentina. 

Driven by her inherently curious nature as well a desire to stimulate her listeners’ imaginations, Morelli’s creative process stemmed from an exploration of several contrasting compositional techniques in dialogue with a selection of her favorite female poets across the ages. 

Delving into themes of nature, love, death, loneliness, identity, madness, desire, family, and memory, each poem revealed a universe of its own, inviting the composer to experiment with timbres and instrumentation.

With influences ranging from Argentinian music, jazz, folk and sound poetry, Morelli’s imaginative arrangements see her expressive voice guide the listener through carefully curated worlds of raw instrumental and vocal textures. From a typical jazz quintet, to voice accompanied by string quartet, to solo viola and vocal ensemble, each piece blends storytelling, rich harmony, and a distinct palette of musical colors in a wide-reaching and dynamic picture of the human experience

Morelli will celebrate her release with an album tour, featuring her songs specially re-arranged for her quintet‘Luciana Morelli Group’ with Philipp Hillebrand(clarinets), Mauricio Silva Orendain (piano), Snejana Prodanova (double bass) and Paulo Almeida (drums). 

Line up

Luciana Morelli | Voice (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7)
Mauricio Silva Orendain | Piano (1, 2, 7)
Snejana Prodanova | Double Bass (1, 2, 7)
Philipp Hillebrand | Bass Clarinet (1, 2, 7) 
Paulo Almeida | Drums (1, 7)
Jānis Jaunalksnis | Drums (2)
Sebastián Greschuck | Trumpet (3) 
Yossi Itzkovich | Trombone (3)
Patrick Joray | Tenor Sax (3)
Alexandre Cahen | Piano (3)
Michał Skwierczyński | Guitar (3)
Tommy Fuller | Double Bass (3)
Yosuke Doki | Drums (3)
Claire Antunes Sierra | Violin (4, 5)
Marie Morgane Sécula | Violin (4, 5)
Yi Lu | Viola (4, 5)
Idil Dogan | Cello (4, 5)
Charline Crevoisier | Voice (6)
Isabel Richiusa | Voice (6)
Ana Čop | Voice (6)
Camille Burkhard | Voice (6)
Patricija Škof | Voice (6)
Maria von Rütte | Voice (6)
Alice Auclair | Voice (6)
Angela Medina | Viola (6)

Track Listing

Fall, leaves, fall
Los trabajos y las noches
The night is darkening around me
Antelmo to his daughter
Silent is the house
Town on the way through God’s woods
Todo pasa

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