Gianni Savelli Media Res | Alisei | May 31, 2024

Release: May 31, 2024

Considered one of Italy’s most eclectic saxophonists, Gianni Savelli’s career of over four decades has seen him contribute his talents to a wide array of artforms including pop music, film, jazz, and theatre. The fourth album from his personal project ‘Gianni Savelli Media Res’ titled ‘Alisei’ is set to release on May 31st.

Born in 2000 from an insatiable urge to bring together otherwise distantly related avenues of musical expression, Savelli’s writing for ‘Media Res’ contains echoes of rhythms from faraway cultures, European harmonies, and typically jazzy nuances and an imaginative approach to improvisation. 

Named after the gentle yet unwavering winds that enabled 16th Century sailors to embark on their explorations of the world, ‘Alisei’ draws parallels between these natural forces and the search for an energy capable of sustaining creativity in the exploration of uncharted musical territories. 

Featuring the saxophonist’s long standing five-piece ensemble, the record’s sound is dark, contemplative, and evocative. Blurring the lines between Savelli’s carefully refined compositions and a collective-esque improvisational style, each piece carries the listener through an intricately arranged and yet dynamic and open voyage through texture and tension. Accentuating the cinematic tone already prevalent in Savelli’s writing, tracks two and four see the quintet accompanied by a powerful 17 piece jazz orchestra. Dense, somber horn harmonies, contrapuntal countermelodies, and thick layers of organic instrumental timbres elevate the composer’s focussed creative vision to new heights.

Line up

Gianni Savelli | Tenor Saxophone Fulvio Sigurtà | Trumpet
Enrico Zanisi | Piano
Luca Pirozzi | Electric Bass Alessandro Marzi | Drums, Percussion

Track Listing

Melodia sottomarina
Naufragar (m’è dolce in questo mar) Gorghi
Delicati effendi (in memoria di Aldo Bassi)