Frederik Lundin & Odense Jazz Orchestra | It Takes All Kinds To Make A World | November 11, 2022

Release: 11th November, 2022

“It Takes All Kinds To Make A World” (11th Nov, April Records) pairs critically acclaimed saxophonist and composer Frederik Lundin with the forward-thinking Odense Jazz Orchestra in an original set of intricately composed music which bridges the gap between avant-garde emotion and heavy groove.  

But this is much more than simply a collection of newly-commissioned big band jazz. 

With the growing number of seemingly insurmountable issues and conflicts plaguing our world today, the arts have never felt more important as means of escape, communication, expression, and protest – as this album proves to full effect.

“Diversity is a prerequisite for sustainable life on this, our beautiful but suffering, blue green globe”, says saxophonist and composer Frederik Lundin. 

His striking arrangements explore themes of conflict, frustration and environmental crises, painting musical pictures of the human impact on society and our planet. 

You need look no further than the title track to see how entwined the music and concept are; it opens with a field recording of the last-known survivor of a species of Hawaiian bird, serving as requiem for all of those of our fellow species the human race has managed to wipe out. 

Inspired by the fearless nature of 70s music, the 18-piece ensemble uses dense harmonic textures, chaotic free-ness, and a wide range of dynamics to tell the stories encapsulated within each tune. Yet despite the affected horn solos, synth textures and slick drum grooves, this an undeniably modern, transportive listening experience.

It Takes All Kinds To Make A World may be dealing with a host of negative subject matters, yet the record ends on a positive note: a call for humility, tolerance, benevolence, open heartedness, curiosity and open-mindedness.

Line up

Frederik Lundin | tenor and soprano saxophone

 Torben Sminge | conductor and artistic director ​

Odense Jazz Orchestra

Track Listing

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Walk With Me, My Friend
Now OR Never
It Takes All Kinds To Make A World

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