Fernando Brox Quintet | From Within | May 3, 2024

Release: May 3, 2024

Malaga born, Basel based flutist/composer Fernando Brox began his musical studies at the age of eight, and has had a long career in classical music before devoting himself entirely to jazz and modern music. An intimate exploration of his innermost feelings, dreams, and compositional voice, his fourth album under his own name, ‘From Within’, is set to release on May 3rd onFresh Sound

The album’s eight tracks, all conceived within the past year, reflect Brox’s desire to capture human energies and ways of being and living. From personal experiences to dream-inspired melodies, each composition is meticulously crafted to stir our human sensibilities.

When creating ‘From Within’, Brox aimed to craft music that is both engaging for audiences and invigorating for his fellow musicians. He sought to break away from the specialized and alienated approach often found in the music world, instead embracing complexity in an organic and human way.

“I want people to dance to this music, I want my music to tell stories, to draw landscapes and sights of imaginary places.”

The album is a testament to Brox’s commitment to bridging diverse musical influences. Drawing inspiration from folkloric traditionsjazz, and his own artistic vision, Brox masterfully blends these elements to create a sound that is entirely his own yet deeply rooted in tradition.

With a lineup that includes guitar and piano, the album features a rich harmonic and rhythmic texture that perfectly complements Brox’s virtuosic flute playing. Latin-influenced grooves, captivating melodies, colorful harmony and sinuous compositions provide a dynamic and engaging foundation from which the quintet embark on passages of energetic, inspired improvisations. 

Highly interactive ensemble musicianship across open, meditative ambience as well as densely arranged metric gymnastics illustrate that this is an ensemble that finds strength in their experience and technical proficiency as well as in their freedom and passion.

Line up

Fernando Brox | Flute
Iago Fernandez 
| Drums 
Iannis Obiols 
| Piano
Nadav Erlich 
| Double Bass
Wilfred Wilde 
| Guitar

Track Listing

The bagpiper
Blue Clouds
Satanic Affair
Si no fueras solo un sueño (if you weren’t only a dream)
Rumba pa’ ti