Fabio Rojas | Perseverance | September 19, 2024

Venezuelan drummer/film composer and educator Fabio Rojas first immigrated to the USA 14 years ago to pursue his musical studies at the Berklee College of Music. Guided by the proverb “el que persevera, vence” (he who perseveres, wins), Rojas’ new album reflects on Venezuela’s transition from a prosperous democracy into a dictatorship, as well as the blood, sweat and tears of his personal journey in music.

‘Perseverance’ is set to release on September 19th.

Currently residing in New York City, Rojas’ career has seen him perform at prestigious venues and festivals such as SXSW, Lincoln Center, and Daegu Jazz Festival (KR) with a host of celebrated musicians like Geri Allen, Greg Osby Band, Grace VanderWaal, Pepe De Lucia and more. His quintet on ‘Perseverance’ features some of New York’s finest including sax legend Greg Osby, Grammy nominated bassist Osmar Okuma, and the celebrated Gustavo D’amico and Kevin Harris on Sax/flute and piano respectively.

The record’s sound is a musical representation of Venezuela’s political turmoil and how it affected every aspect of Rojas’ life. Saxophones emulate the sound of sirens in close dissonant clusters, and the rhythmic piano motif in ‘Ni un paso atras’ is a transcription of the chant shouted by thousands of Venezuelans at protests, “Not one step backwards!”. Slick modern drum grooves, Venezuelan folk rhythms, and complex contemporary harmony are woven together through Rojas’ intricate and personal compositional voice. 

Drawing on decades of collective experience, the quintet use each piece as a springboard for extensive and dynamic improvisations, feeding off each others’ building energy with Osby’s alto soaring into tension riddled passages of angular wizardry and free-ness.

Line up

Fabio Rojas | Drums, Compositions, Producer
Greg Osby | Alto Saxophone
Gustavo D’amico | Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Kevin Harris | Piano, Rhodes
Osmar Okuma | Double Bass, Electric Bass

Track Listing

Ni un paso atrás
Atlas Homage AP
NU, Justice or Accomplice?