Dinesen / Christensen / Sonne | Moonlight Drive | September 8, 2023

Release: September 8, 2023

Jakob DinesenAnders Christensen and Laust Sonne are three heavyweights of Danish music, united by their all-embracing approach to music making. Their careers have seen them involved with household names of contemporary jazz including Aaron Parks and Kurt Rosenwinkel, afrobeat legend Tony Allen, popular Danish stadium rock band D-A-D and everything in between. 

A followup to their 2021 release ‘Blessings’, their raw, live, chord-less trio record ‘Moonlight Drive’ is set to release on September 8th on April Records.

A coming together of Scandinavian jazz, the avant-garde, chamber music, and rock and roll, Moonlight Drive’s intriguing sound separates the essence of what jazz is from its cliché’s and idioms to create something truly different. The ensemble’s laid back, simplistic, and yet completely immersive playing style is full of groove, lyrical melody, rich harmony, and texture, all without the inclusion of a harmony instrument such as the piano or guitar.

Evolving from intimate sparseness and comfort to energetic improvisations that challenge the listener with tension and atonality, what is ever apparent is that these are musicians that play to serve the music, not their own egos. 

With compositions from each member of the three piece, the record is a collection of musical statements and wordless stories that pay tribute to their greatest muses and strongest relationships

Through ‘Ingrid’ Christensen encapsulates his deep love for his Grandmother, ‘Yahya’ is Dinesen’s tribute to Danish poet Yahya Hassan who tragically passed away too soon, ‘Aveny T’ is Sonne’s musical reminiscence of a performance in Copenhagen’s theatre by the same name, while the final track ‘New Beginnings’ is an ode to the bonds of friendship between the three musicians.

Line up

Jakob Dinesen | Tenor Saxophone
Anders Christensen 
| Bass
Laust Sonne 
| Drums, alto saxophone (track 7)

Track Listing

Blue Ace
Aveny T
Dino min Dino
Moonlight Drive
New Beginnings 

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