David Miilman Group | What’s Left | March 1st, 2024

When young Copenhagen-based emerging talents David Miilman Group (DMG) set out to record their second album in November 2022, their drummer found themselves faced with a life-altering illness, leaving him uncertain whether or not he’d be able to play again. 

Following a three month period of waiting and eventual recovery during which the quintet came together to support Theiss and try to understand what he was going through, DMG were thankfully able to make music once more.

‘What’s Left’, a life affirming blend of soul, jazz and blues exploration of despair and hope, is set to release on March 1st on April Records.

The record follows DMG’s 2021 debut ‘Waiting For Myself’, which was met by two Danish Music Award Nominations and saw the ensemble in the finals of Denmark’s National Jazz Competition.

With David Miilman’s slide guitar playing in the spotlight emulating the timeless voices and effortless phrasing of Soul giants including Curtis Mayfield, Freddie King and Aretha Franklin as well as guitar icon Pat Metheny, the ensemble’s blend of thoughtful songwriting, musical maturity beyond their years and collective improvisation evokes an emotional journey filled with cathartic highscontemplative lows, and everything in between. Intricate guitar arrangements, percolating drum grooves, lyrical melodies, and the profound influence of Brazilian rhythms come together to create DMG’s personal spin on contemporary jazz.

Each piece on the record tells a heartfelt story, central to the ensemble’s collective and individual identities. ‘Mujaffa’s‘, is an ode to the band’s favorite shawarma joint where the group have spent discussing music, life, and their hopes for the future. ‘Mind Like Water’ expresses the vulnerability of one’s mind and the difficulties of keeping your head clear in turbulent times. ‘Blues II’ is about embracing what made you fall in love with music, while ‘Giving Up on Layla’ is about the evolving nature of a band, discovering new ground together and breaking old habits.

An immersive ode to change, resilience, and the power of shared experiences, ‘What’s Left’ is a fierce statement of truth and individuality by a young band brought together by collective hardship.

Line up

David Miilman | Guitar
Buster Isitt | Guitar
Svend Feldbæk Winther | Keyboards
Elias HP | Bass
Theiss Nemborg | Drums

Track Listing

What’s Left
Mind Like Water
Giving Up On Layla
Blues II
Thinking Makes It So
Silent Flora
Instant Masi

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