Bévort 3 | Northbound | February 9, 2024

Release: February 9, 2024

Known for her intense and creative approach to the saxophone, multi award-winning instrumentalist, composer and orchestra leader Pernille Bévort’s trio project Bévort 3 was recently named ‘Ensemble of the Year’ at 2022’s Danish Music Awards. Their highly anticipated new record ‘Northbound’ is set to release on February 9th.

Inspired by the transient nature of life, the album aims to encapsulate the idea that nothing lasts forever; that much will be lost along the journey, while other things are gained. Musically reflecting the contrasting facets of life including beauty, melancholy, humor, energy, hope, and struggle, Northbound evokes imagery of the changing seasons of human existence, and more literally, the seasons of the Scandinavian countries. 

Featuring a chord-less trio setup with Morten Ankarfeldt on bass and Espen Laub von Lillienskjoldon drums, the ensemble shifts between cool swing, to blues, to the poetic Nordic sound of their home. Open sonic landscapes, syncopated metric intricacies, pensive moods, grooving basslines, and winding saxophone melodies come together to create a driven, confident, and intriguing sound.

Highly responsive, dynamic and interactive, the absence of a harmony instrument puts Bévort’s imaginative saxophone playing as well as the trio’s complex musical conversations in the spotlight. The intimate world of organic instrumental textures provides an aptly personal vessel through which the composer’s stories are told.

Northbound marks Bévort’s fourth release with her trio, as well as her 16th release as a bandleader/composer. She’s performed and toured internationally in big bands alongside the likes of Maria SchneiderCharlie Watts, and John Scofield, and over the years has been the recipient of the prestigious Ben Webster Prize, the JASA Prize, and numerous artist grants in recognition of her skill and vision.

Line up

Pernille Bévort | Tenor Saxophone, Compositions
Morten Ankarfeldt 
| Double Bass 
Espen Laub von Lillienskjold 
| Drums

Track Listing

My Soft Spot
Strolling in June
Pending Spring
Reflections in three
Tiny Hesitation
Autumn Equinox
Ebullient Encounter (bonus)

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