The Best Piano Brands

Your eyes always widen when you see a piano. Your fingers itch to tickle the keys; your ears yearn for the sound of soaring melodies and deep harmonies.  You might already be a maestro, or you might be learning, but no one can resist the sound of a well-tuned piano.

Are you looking to buy your first piano or upgrade your current set of keys? We’re here to help you find the instrument that is the best fit for your needs and budget.

Choosing the right piano is, in some ways, like adopting a pet – you are looking for a long-term companion, and it is a large investment that you want to get right. 

This article will introduce you to best piano brands worldwide and review their reputation and history. We’ll highlight some of the best models currently offered.

Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons  is a giant in the world of piano manufacturing, dedicated to crafting world-class pianos. Founded in Brooklyn in 1853 by a German immigrant, Steinway & Sons uses legendary handcrafting methods that they still employ today.

Steinway & Sons create pianos in many styles and are famous for its grand pianos. They do not compromise on quality, and performing artists prefer Steinway piano as each instrument has proven reliability no matter where you go.

The Spiro model is one of the world’s best high-resolution player pianos. This piano brings a rich tone to your music. It comes in several sizes and models. Steinway piano offers the gold standard of piano sound and quality.


Yamaha is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to piano. Headquartered in Japan, Yamaha is the largest piano manufacturer in the world. Yamaha also produces other instruments, such as keyboards, woodwinds, brass, and drums. 

Yamaha is an excellent choice for piano students; their pianos are often found in classrooms. One of the advantages of Yamaha is that it is available in relatively compact sizes, which can be great if you have limited space at home. Yamaha has grand, upright, and hybrid models.

The Clavinova CLP-775 is a great Yamaha piano that uses technology to rival the experience of playing a grand piano in a digital upright. As a bonus, this digital piano allows you to play with headphones, giving you additional flexibility. 

The Arius YDP-145 may be the perfect model if you are starting your piano journey. It is a great digital piano for beginners and can fit in most homes. 


Kawai is known for its warm and full tone. The company was founded by Koichi Kawai in 1927 and has grown to be one of the best piano brands in the world. They have received over 50 international awards for both their products and services. It is hard to go wrong with one of their pianos.

It is a popular brand among classical pianists and is highly endorsed. Kawai pianos have won awards for their digital, acoustic, and hybrid pianos.         

The K series of upright pianos are great for practice, especially the K300 model. This model builds on the previous success of the K3, which won awards for four years in a row. 


Fazioli has been in business since 1981. Founded by an Italian engineer and pianist, Paolo Fazioli, this family-owned brand is known for technical excellence. Due to their focus on unparalleled quality, Fazioli creates around 140 pianos each year. This makes Fazioli pianos one of the pricier options on the list, catering to piano professionals.

If you are looking for a grand piano, Fazioli has excellent options. The F156 baby grand piano is hand-crafted for excellence. It packs a punch of sound despite its smaller size for a grand.


Bechstein pianos are handmade masterpieces with excellent sound. Bechstein caters to both beginners and professionals, and there is an option for you, no matter your level of play. The company was founded in Berlin by twenty-seven-year-old Friedrich Wilhelm Carl Bechstein in 1853 (though the official documented date is 1856.

The Studio S 8 is an affordable option in the industry, but it does not compromise on quality and sound. These pianos are known for their personality. You may also want to check out the Professional P 126, which offers a unique sound experience.


Schimmel is one of the longest-standing companies on the list, with the first factory created in 1842. This company started in Germany and Switzerland, and piano models are made in Europe and Asia. In 1979, Schimmel became known by its current name. These models cater to intermediate to expert players. These pianos have a bright and clear tone.

These pianos are mid-range in price, though some models are definitely high-end. There are two main model line-ups – the Konzert K-model series and the Schimmel Classic C-model series. If you are looking for an upright piano, check out the F116 model.


Bösendorfer, now owned by Yamaha, is one of the highest-end piano brands in the world. This company has been around since 1828! 

They provide extended keyboards, which extend your tonal range. If you write compositions, this can bring your sound to the next level. Finding these in private homes is less common due to their higher price point. One of these pianos can take six years to create.

One model that has unique sounds and dimensions is the Grand Upright 120. This piano can fit in most rooms and is designed with longer keys, making it easier to handle.


Blüthner is another German company on our list founded in 1853 in Leipzig. This company has remained family-owned for six generations – impressive!

These pianos are finely crafted and aim for the highest balance and precision. It has a unique soundboard style designed to amplify resonant noise. These pianos are single-hitched instead of looped and have an additional treble string. This adds unbeatable overtones and colors that make these pianos genuinely unique.

The Classic models offer great design in a variety of options. The Model S is a full-sized upright that compares in sound to the grand piano models. This piano has a well-balanced sound and is designed to last a lifetime.

Mason & Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin is an acoustic piano manufacturer exhibiting piano expertise since 1854. They specialize in maximum sound, no matter the size of the piano. This is also a mid to high-level piano company. You can recognize these pianos due to their distinctive tone, with clear treble and unmistakable bass. These pianos are easy to play.

The Model 50 is an exceptional piano with a more compact size that you could place in an apartment. Responsive to the touch, this is a satisfying instrument to play.

Stuart & Sons

Stuart & Sonsis a company at the forefront of the acoustic piano market. This Australian company really came onto the market in the 1990s. They pride themselves on constant innovation and are known for incorporating new techniques into every instrument they make.

Stuart pianos are high-end and are made to order. Like Bösendorfer, they also can come with extended keyboards with additional keys.

The Beleura concert grand is a model to behold. It has 108 keys, allowing you to play in nine octaves. This is the acoustic piano for the future. 

No matter what you are looking for, this list was made for you! Do not be afraid to visit your local piano store to tickle some keys and experiment with the sound that works for you. You have a world of exciting sounds ahead!

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