Juggling ‘career’ admin with making music?

Today’s professional musician is expected to wear a lot of different hats if they want to book gigs, promote their music and build an audience.

Sending pitching emails and booking requests, writing newsletters and social media posts, responding to emails, preparing promotional materials…

I think you know what the end result is:

  1. You spend too much time on this, and not enough actually making music OR
  2. You don’t manage to get all this ‘admin’ done, and your career suffers

I’m sure you’ve heard about the recent advances in artificial intelligence, with platforms like ChatGPT.

But while most of the focus in the music industry has been – quite rightly – about safeguarding copyrights and creativity, less has been made of the massive opportunity this presents musicians to save more time.

Imagine this: a way to write better promotional texts (pitching emails, press releases, social posts, etc) at scale, in just a few minutes.

Used properly, this technology allows you to do the ‘promotional’ part of your job more effectively, whilst freeing up more time for actually making music.

How Does It Work?

Let’s take an example: writing a great, persuasive pitching email to a club or festival promoter: it’s not rocket science, nor are there limitless possibilities of how to do this.

There are, though, some important considerations and guidelines which can be learnt with time.

Musofuel has been “pre-taught” with examples how we think a great email should be structured, and puts your information into that format.

If you don’t give it what it needs, it’ll ask you! If you don’t like the suggestion, you can talk to it until it’s right.

Not only does it speed up your work, it also gives you the nudges and prompts that an industry professional would provide, without the need to find and persuade that person to help you.

Now take the example of the ‘gig pitching email’ and imagine all the possiblie variations…

► Writing to a journalist
► Drafting a newsletter for fans
► Pitching to Spotify
► Tweeting or Facebooking about your next gig
► Crafting a press release

We’ve pre-taught Musofuel about all those things, so you can get straight into the creative zone.

What early users have said…

“The first positive reply on a booking email came already, two hours after sending. They get so many emails but I guess this one stood out, especially because of the eye-catching subject line.”

“Just got the first reply from her since 2020, with the first email written with the virtual assistant!”


Here’s what you’ll get

  • Access to pre-taught tools to help you write more efficiently and effectively.
  • A library of all your past chats and saved pieces of text to revisit when you need.
  • On-demand support to help you get the best results from the tool.
  • Custom onboarding (Pro Plan) where we’ll personally help Musofuel better understand your writing style and goals, saving you even more time and delivering better results.

Hi, Matt Fripp Here

After first studying a 4-year batchelors degree as a musician, I started work as an international booking agent and manager. In the following 12 years I booked more than 2000 gigs, before founding to help professional musicians better develop their careers.



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