2024: Your Breakthrough Year?


Overwhelmed by all the different things you ‘should’ be doing as a musician?

Today’s professional jazz musician is expected to wear a lot of different hats if they want to book gigs, promote their music and build an audience.

It’s not surprising that it’s easy to get so overwhelmed that you end up doing… nothing. Or at least ‘nothing productive’.

Then you feel bad about it, see something that seems to be working for someone else and give that a quick go.

Sending pitching emails and booking requests, writing newsletters and social media posts, responding to emails, preparing promotional materials…

You don’t have to dig too deeply into the internet to find people raving about the power of goal setting.

You know: “You wouldn’t get in the car without knowing where you wanted to go, why are you doing it with your work?!”

As much as I think that analogy is overused, it’s true (unless you have young kids and you just want to make them sleep…)

Anyway, identifying a handful of long terms things you are looking to achieve and – most importantly – why it’s important to you – can really make a difference.

Not only does it allow you to work backwards and break down the steps needed to get there, it means your weekly work is free from the stress of “should I be doing this or this” – you know that it’s all getting you closer to the big picture.

So What Do I Have To Do?

In my experience, delivering a great 2024 relies on three main areas:

1️⃣ Reviewing the best and worst of 2023
2️⃣ Setting some ‘big picture’ themes and goals
3️⃣ Having a solid monthly plan to stay on track

If you’re excited to join us to make your own action-plan for a killer 2024, here’s what you’ll get inside the Jazzfuel PRO community…

Lessons, templates & prompts to do a detailed 2024 review
► Watch-on-demand seminar on ‘big picture’ goals with a downloadable template
► Guide to making your goals SMART
► How to transform your 2024 goals into stress-free weekly & daily to-do lists
Feedback on all your questions and challenges from other participants & host Matt Fripp
Late March (“Q1”) live Zoom session to check progress

Here are just some of the things we’re going to figure out…

Your biggest learning in 2023, and how you can use that in 2024

How you can track your big goals so I don’t end up going off-course?

The best time-management strategies for getting more done in less time

How to avoid getting overwhelmed by too many goals on January 1st…


Hi, Matt Fripp here

I realised several years ago that I wasn’t one of those people who could stay focused and do good work without a little structure. I’ve spent many hours since reading articles, books and even courses about the idea of ‘goal setting’ and incorporated it all into my annual, monthly & daily work.

Six years on and I can say that, whilst I’m still prone to fall down the occasional Youtube rabbit hole, I get more done than ever, in less time than before. I’ve pulled together the key things into these goal setting seminars so we can prepare for 2024 together!

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • Three month access to the three pre-recorded goal-setting lessons inside Jazzfuel PRO
  • An end-of-1st-quarter group call to review progress and reset goals.
  • Downloadable templates so you can review 2023 and create your goals for next year and each quarter, month & week in it.

But that’s not all!

On top of these goal-setting resources, you will also have complete access to the Jazzfuel PRO community which features:

  • Monthly Office Hour & Group Hangout (live or replay)
  • Tutorials and video guides to releasing new music and marketing your project
  • On-demand feedback requests inside the forum
  • Replays of 50+ past industry live sessions
  • Chat threads to ask questions & share tips on Spotify, Bandcamp, gigs, album releasing and more


One time payment of €149 gives you access to all of this from Dec 21st until the end of March 2024:

► Goal setting seminars including:
– on-demand video lessons
– downloadable templates
– personalised feedback
– March check in for accountability
– Goal community hangout (January)

► Access to all events, tutorials and hangouts in the Jazzfuel PRO community including

– On-demand feedback on your promo materials or any other career questions

– Mini-courses on Bandcamp & mailing lists

► 14-day money-back guarantee: Start January feeling excited about your project and ready to make things happen, or ask for 100% of your money back!

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