Sponsored Newsletter Ads: The New Social Media

If you have big news to share – or an audience to build – getting it in front of the right people can make a big difference. 

But the problem with the current common practice when it comes to advertising online (“throw up some Facebook ads and hope for the best”) is that the message gets lost in a sea of content and offers.

Social media may offer a big opportunity for targeting, but unless you’re expert in setting that up, and have a budget for testing different audiences, “put some money on Facebook ads” is probably not the #1 solution anymore.

The Facebook Lottery

You’re pretty much handing over your cash to the Facebook lottery, just because you feel you should be doing something to promote it.

With a niche such as jazz, though, these ads can suffer from limited targeting, ad blindness (people literally stopping to notice ads as they get used to them), changing algorithms and ad fatigue. 

So not only are you spending money, you’re not necessarily getting the attention you expect.

Direct to jazz fans, without the background noise

But much like music fans going back to vinyl (and even cassettes!), 2023 has seen a big boost in people unlocking the power of newsletter advertising. 

Essentially, you find someone who has built up a large and attentive audience in your niche and ‘sponsor’ one of their emails with your message, branding and links. 

Instead of popping up in someone’s overcrowded newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram, your message stands alone in the middle of an email that thousands of people are engaged with.

You’re not only getting attentive eyeballs, but benefitting from the reputation of the original writer, too. 

Essentially, the writer is saying to their audience: “hey, listen to what this friend of ours has to say!”

Not convinced?

According to Influencer Marketing Hub newsletters are “one of the most effective marketing channels with an average ROI of 4200%… One of the main reasons that email marketing has such a great return is that it’s personal and direct, landing you squarely in the recipient’s email inbox. This differs from other marketing tactics like social media and SEO in that those tactics involve algorithms that “pull” attention to your content whereas email marketing “pushes” your content to interested parties.”

The result of newsletter ads? 

You reach the right people with your message, in a place where they are ready and focused on consuming content about the topic. 

And instead of doing that in the crowded room of Facebook and Instagram, you do it in a ‘one-to-one’ setting. 

As a result,  there’s more clicking, more listening and more action…

Sponsor the Jazzfuel Fans Newsletter

Since 2020, Jazzfuel has been publishing more and more content for a secondary group of people. Not industry professionals, like you, but fans of jazz.  

From the best Blue Note albums of all time, to tips on jazz clubs in New York City, to date, more than 6,000 people receive emails twice a week to learn more about both the history of jazz, and the latest news from the industry. 

With more than 1 million emails sent, we have some good solid data about the list: 

  • 63% average open rate
  • 7% average click rate
  • Largely North American and European audience (55%+ USA/Canada) 

That means that a sponsored ad in the Jazzfuel newsletter is seen by an average of 3900 people, all of whom have passed through more than 1 month of ‘welcome’ emails to be sure of their interest in the topic. 

We are currently offering sponsored ads spots for the Friday newsletter, which is accompanied by a sponsored news piece on the Jazzfuel website. This news piece sits for at least one week on the homepage, which gets more than 14,000 visitors a month.

In terms of budget, we are currently running an introductory offer for this package at €200 (which, for those of you marketing folk, works out at a CPM of just over €30).

OK, what’s the next step?

Jazzfuel sponsored newsletter spots are not just limited by the once-per-week nature, but also by us looking to find the most well-suited musicians, labels, events and industry organisations to partner with. 

It’s not simply a transaction, but a sharing of audience. As such, both our success depends on giving the reader something that will interest them. 

If you’d like more info, or to discuss in reserving a spot, reach out via members[at]jazzfuel[dot]com to share some more information on what you will be promoting and when you are looking to advertise.