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✔ Low setup cost with 1-to-1 advice on what to include
✔ Unlimited monthly content updates (just send it over and it’ll be done!)
✔ Hosted and managed by professional web designers
✔ 3 months free hosting
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You’ve spent years listening, playing, practicing and recording jazz.  But to get gigs and build a career, you need more than great music. You need to grab the attention of promoters and journalists and get them excited about your project. The #1 tool for all this?

Your website



My name’s Matt Fripp and I work as a booking agent & manager for jazz musicians.

If you contact me about your project, the first thing I’ll do is visit your website. Many promoters I know do the same. We want to hear the music, of course. But we also want to get a feel for what stage you are at in your career.

I gotta be honest: Sometimes the gap between the quality of music and quality of website is unbelievable:

> Out of date information and press text
> A long, winding mess of content (some relevant and some not)
> Broken sections
> No video content or full tracks to listen to

It’s not really a surprise either; as a musician, you probably don’t have the time or the expertise to build and manage a professional website…

I got together with a couple of brilliant web designers with the goal of putting together a simpler but effective website especially for jazz musicians.

It includes pretty much everything that agents, promoters, journalists and record labels want when they visit your website:

> Clear layout section-by-section     > Somewhere to listen to your music

> A bio with a few key press quotes     > An up-to-date list of your upcoming shows

> Videos, pulled in from Youtube or Vimeo     > A photo gallery

> Links to all your social media pages

The result: you get a professionally built website overseen by someone working in the jazz industry.


I have to tell you from personal experience: there is SO much more good music out there than gigs. So unless you are doing something musically that literally no one else is doing ANYWHERE in the world, you are going to get beaten to gigs by musicians who are playing on a similar level to you AND have their profile together.

The 2 BIG problems with a bad website when trying to book gigs…

1. Promoters get so many emails a day and if they can’t quickly find the key content that you want them to find, they’ll move on without understanding the project properly.

2. An average website gives the feeling that you are not on top of the ‘business’ side of your career and, as a result, won’t help push a gig and sell tickets.

Of course, in an ideal world, promoters, fans, agents and labels are considering just the musical quality. But, in reality, you need to grab their attention and make them want to join you…

What happens with a gig-ready website?

You send a short but effective email pitch to a promoter. They click through to your website to check for a couple of minutes. They see a slick design with a great photo. They scan through the page and a video (embedded from Youtube) grabs their eye and they hit play. Sounds cool! The audio player is right underneath, so they may as well hit play for a minute or so…. And, whilst they are listening to this, there’s a great press quote which jumps out at them. Whether or not they book you there and then, they’re going to remember the name…

Whatever stage you’re at right now, a quality online presence will give you an advantage against the other bands competing for these slots.

Make it easy for people to take a chance on you

As an agent, taking on a new artist is a massive commitment of time and resources. For a promoter, it’s a financial commitment.

Most people don’t like taking chances. It opens them up to criticism or damage, either financially or to their reputation. Having great videos, photos, press quotes and text – displayed in one clear website – reassures promoters that a) they can present this to their audience and b) that you, the musician, understand what’s needed on the non-playing side and will work with them to make this a success.

The first place to check out a new band? Their website!

Carsten Tradowsky

Promoter , Karlsruhe Jazzclub & festival

Like a good performance on stage you also have to perform well online.

Matthias Wendl

Booking agent, artribute

Allow fans to easily interact with you through your website!

Nadja von Massow

Artist Manager & Digital Media Expert



If you are a jazz musician focused on building your career and getting more gigs, this website design is for you.

The offer is not for a custom-built website which can run into many hundreds or thousands of pounds. You simply provide us with your best content – videos, text, photos, press, music – and in 3 days you’ll have a draft of your new website.

All websites are hosted and managed by Jazzfuel so everything is taken care of. No updates or messy technical problems. The monthly fee includes unlimited changes to the content on the site, so you can keep photos, videos, text and music up-to-date simply by sending an email to the technical guys.


Jazzfuel website design is not available for everyone.

But if you are a gigging jazz musician who already has some recordings and is working to build a career, we’d be happy to work with you.

Aside from building beautifully simple but effective sites, the other goal is to do this at a surprisingly low cost. And we are. This is possible because the main technical work on the website design is already done. So you get the benefit of hours of expert attention at a fraction of the cost:




1) SKYPE: Get in touch and we’ll fix up a time to talk via Skype, phone or email – as you prefer. We’ll look through all the content you have and figure out which bits need to be included on the site. I can show you the different options for presenting your music and upcoming gigs.

2) SETUP: A graphic designer and a web designer will put together all you content into a new website, based on the template we designed. They’ll try a few options on fonts and colours, make sure everything is working and send you a draft to approve. If you have any changes to make, we’ll do them now.

3) PAYMENT: Once you’re happy, we’ll connect the site to your domain (or help you get one if you don’t already) and you’ll pay the setup fee. If you don’t like the final version of the site and change your mind, then you won’t pay anything – no hard feelings!




Your website will be hosted by Jazzfuel and the tech guys will make sure everything is secure and working. If you get new photos, videos or press quotes – or just want to change the content on the site – you just need to send an email and the site will be updated. This is all included in the monthly price: no extra costs and no extra work for you!



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