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[Ideal for: you want your narrative to stand out]
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Producing an album is a massive investment of time and money, and most likely something which can’t be repeated every few months.

It’s also a brilliant opportunity to get the press quotes and coverage which can power-up your gig pitches and build up your support base.

The problem? Journalists and radio presenters are receiving a huge number of pitches and if you’re not providing them great written content in a format they can use, you are likely to miss chances to connect.

Common Press Release Issues

Missing a hook at the beginning to get people interested
Too long and wordy
Missing the important facts and information
Badly formatted
Looks dense and time-consuming to read
Doesn’t tell a story to connect the reader to the music

The list goes on…

Our offer

We’ll pull together all the words you have about the album – liner notes, old biography, track-listing & any ideas you have – and turn it into a professional standard press release which tells the story of your release and aims to make the reader curious to know more.

We’ll then send you the draft, take on board any feedback and deliver the final ready document as word doc and PDF. You’re then welcome to use, edit or otherwise make the most of this text however you want.

Album Press Release: The Process

Fill in a short questionnaire about the album, as well as highlighting any additional ideas you have, and we’ll get back to you with your press release draft within 7 days.

You can then either ask questions by email, or set up a short Zoom call to iron out the details.

Untangle Ideas

Journalists expect certin information and content in a press release. Send us everything and we’ll organise the important information in the right way,

Tell A Story

Sometimes as the artist you are too close to the process to pull out a logical story from all the ideas. Send us everything and we’ll give a clear feedback on the best angle(s).

Pro Presentation

Once we’ve pulled together your ideas and information, we’ll pull it into a clearly-formatted and professional standard press release for you to use as you need.

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