Master Your Mailing List

“E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined” – McKinsey study

In a world of fast-paced social media and throwaway content, building a permission-based mailing list of fans and supporters who want to receive a regular newsletter from you is GOLDEN.

Yet so few musicians have the basics set up, let alone maximise all the great things things that can happen as a result of developing this.

Read on for the three ways to get started which include

  1. Do it yourself (free articles and resources)
  2. Done with you (online learning and support)
  3. Done for you (we’ll take care of everything)

Getting Set up: Which platform to use, how to collect emails, signup forms, landing pages…

Growing Your List: People will rarely give you their email simply because you put a signup form on the contact page. In order to turbo-charge your newsletter growth, you need to think about email incentives, lead magnets and other ways of motivating people to sign up. 

Mailing Your List: Not just one email every few months, but a real plan to connect regularly with your fans and supporters. And not just any old email, but a well-crafted, engaging piece of text that people look forward to reading! 

Free Mailing List Articles & Resources

As with every topic covered on the Jazzfuel site, there are a bunch of articles which cover this topic which you’re welcome dive into whenever you want…

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  • Types of jazz promoters

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“DIY” with Support

The Mailing List Challenge

Whether you’re launching new music, announcing tour dates or simply trying to drive more awareness to a new video, one of the biggest challenges is actually connecting with enough of the right people.

It doesn’t matter how great your album or live show is, if you can’t get enough people to check it out, you’re missing out on possible support, attention and money.

In the 10-day Mailing List Challenge online course, I’m going to take you through the hows and whys of building an engaging and effective mailing list of fans so that you can get your music, videos & gigs in front of a bigger audience of motivated customers.

By the end, you’ll have everything set up and a simple plan in place to keep this growing, with minimal time or effort required on your part.

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Mailing List Management

Whether you need a first time newsletter launched or just a refresher on your current set up, we’ll get it in place along with landing pages, signup forms and anything else you need to grow your list.

After that, you have the option of ongoing monthly mailing list management, where we’ll look after growing your list and drafting newsletters to send out to your supporters.

You’ll have all the benefits of a consistent and engaging newsletter, without the need to set up and write the emails or deal with the technical aspects.