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Less than 1% of jazz musicians have a manager. Does that mean everyone else should miss out on access to advice and feedback for their project?

If you’re making great music, what else do you need in order to grow your career in the way you want?

It probably comes down to this:

  1. Figuring out what ‘other’ work needs to be done
  2. Being sure you’re doing it in the most efficient & effective way
  3. Keeping motivated and on track with it

Hitting all three of those areas alone is a bit like trying to learn to play jazz without a teacher: possible (if you listen to enough records!) but likely to take longer and get you into bad habits…

The simple goal with Jazzfuel Manager PRO is to give musicians who are serious about growing their career, access to information and people to help with that.

Who is Jazzfuel Manager PRO for?

“I have a new release planned”

Have you got a new release coming in the next 6 months and want to give yourself the best platform to launch it from? You can use Jazzfuel Manager PRO to: 

  • Get feedback and tips on preparing your bio, press materials & website
  • Figure out a plan for your newsletter and good Facebook content, so your audience will be engaged when you want them to support you.
  • Get tips on setting up your Bandcamp page and start getting into that community
  • Build a target list of press contacts and get your pitching emails prepared

“I just started a new project”

Have you just started a new project and need to get ‘everything’ sorted? You can use Jazzfuel Manager PRO to make sure you’re focused on the most important tasks first, without other distractions:

  • Get your social media & Spotify profiles up and running
  • Have a mailing list set up and a good plan in place for growing it
  • Ideas on how to get your first gigs
  • Brainstorm ideas for a 2022 release schedule of singles and videos

“I’m an established musician looking for career support”

Are you a relatively established musician already but have the feeling you’re not making the most of all the possible marketing techniques to make your work-life easier and more successful?

  • Get industry feedback on any press & gig-related questions
  • Come up with a strategy for tour booking or growing your ‘team’
  • Connect with similar musicians to brainstorm ideas for improving your results

Feedback on what you want, when you want

Often, the value is in the details…

  • “Which of my videos would work best for gig pitching emails?”
  • “How are people keeping on top of social media best practices?”
  • What do you think of this press release?”
  • “How should I be pitching this single for playlisting?”
  • “Who knows a radio plugger in North America?”
  • “Where should I be sharing my pre-order links for best results?”
  • “Does anyone else find it hard to get results from Facebook ads?”

It’s easy to get distracted or tangled up with all the different things you ‘should’ be doing.

It’s also hard to set goals, stay motivated and get simple but effective advice.

Jazzfuel Manager PRO gives you a place to come together with similarly focused jazz musicians to get feedback and support on your project from industry experts, as well as motivation from various live sessions and challenges.

Figure out the right things to spend your time on and get the help and support to make big steps forwards as efficiently as possible.

Every project and career is different, so rather than having a fixed plan of what to work on, Jazzfuel Manager PRO provides a space for you to get the answers and inspiration that are right for you at the moment.

It’s all online, there are no fixed-hours, but you do need to be ready and willing to put in some work to see results!

Upcoming Events

Types of Sessions

There are a few different ways you can make use of Jazzfuel Manager PRO, including….

Office Hours title

These twice-monthly sessions are an open Zoom call run by Jazzfuel host Matt Fripp or another industry guest.

You simply log in at anytime within the allotted hour to ask a question or get feedback in real time. If you aren’t able to make the session, you can leave a question in advance and watch the response on the replay.


“Ask Me Anything” Guest Threads

#AMA sessions title

We regularly invite industry people such as journalists, promoters, social media experts and record labels into the community to take part in “Ask Me Anything ” threads.

On the first day of the event, you’ll find a 10-15 minute pre-recorded video introducing the guest and going through a few areas they are experienced with.

You are then able to post questions for them to answer during the rest of the week. If you don’t have specific questions, it can still be useful to see what other people are asking and discussing.

Upcoming guests include:

  • Perri Winter (Australian graphic designer)
  • Andrew Read (editor of Jazz in Europe Magazine)
  • Cory Weeds (Canadian musician, record label owner & promoter)
  • Nick Finzer (American trombonist, educator & record label)
  • Ruth Fisher (radio host at JazzFM UK)
  • Hiroki Sugita (Japanase jazz journalist)


Live Sessions & Replays


Over the past 2 years we’ve welcomed some great guests into the Jazzfuel Manager community for live sessions and Q&As.

These are available to watch on replay inside the forum, including sessions with:

  • Aly Gillani (Bandcamp)
  • Katherine McVicker (booking agent)
  • Ben O’Connell (Songtrust)
  • Dave Stapleton (Edition Records)
  • Tom McNeill (Patreon)
  • Louis Marks & Fabian Brown (Ropeadope)
  • Raul da Gama (journalist)



“A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. The concept was coined in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill in his book The Law of Success”

We facilitate member-hosted sessions which are an opportunity to get together with other musicians around the world and share tips and advice with each other.

We’ve found that adding some accountability and some community to your work really helps with progress!



Each month we introduce a new ‘challenge’ into the community for anyone who wants to take part.

The goal is to do a mini ‘sprint’ on an area that you have maybe had on your to-do list for a while, but not yet got round to it.

Having access to feedback and tips in real-time, as well as seeing others working on the same thing, can really make a difference!

Example challenges include:

  • Pitch a track to 10 x playlisters
  • Find 10 new festivals that are right for your project
  • Research 10 new journalist email addresses
  • Redesign your social media branding
  • Get 25 new email subscribers on your list

Enrolment closes September 24th

Here’s what’s you’ll get each month…

☞ Office hours sessions: drop in on Zoom to get answers or feedback from host Matt Fripp or guests.
☞ “Ask me anything” threads with journalists, promoters and other industry people.
☞ Monthly members hangout on Zoom
☞ A monthly ‘challenge‘ to get some quick wins with things like Spotify, pitching & your website.
☞ Member-hosted ‘mastermind’ sessions to share wins and challenges with fellow musicians.
☞ Community support: access to a members-only forum where you can get feedback and support on anything you want and see what everyone else is working on.
☞ Access to the Jazzfuel Manager vault: replay recordings of previous live sessions and trainings including Facebook ads, PR campaigns, career strategy and goal-setting.
☞ Discount on Jazzfuel courses, services and 1-to-1 coaching

Is Jazzfuel Manager right for me?

Maybe you can identify with some of these things that jazz musicians have shared with us…

  • “I struggle marketing my project”
  • “I need to learn about effective release strategies & promotion on a budget”
  • “It’s hard to keep the ball rolling and not slumping”
  • “I need to put systems in place to do the massive amount of work required to promote my band”
  • “I struggle with building and maintaining momentum!”

If you want help to clarify your goals and figure out how to manage your career more effectively, Jazzfuel Manager PRO is for you.

Who hosts Jazzfuel Manager?

Firstly, it’s important to note that this isn’t a course or a class!

This is totally self-paced and you get access to a wide range of tutorials, community features and industry sessions. It’s up to you to decide what are the most interesting and important things to you right now.

The platform is hosted by booking agent & manager Matt Fripp (hi!) who provides the feedback inside the community and runs most of the live sessions. However, there are also a range of industry guests who pass through the community to answer your questions and share tips.

The goal is not to take the advice of one person, but to get a range of information and suggestions and to figure out how it might best help your specific career.

As such, you should meet some useful contacts during the programme!

Register for Jazzfuel Manager PRO

Access to Jazzfuel Manager PRO is restricted to certain numbers of people at certain points during the year.

Registration is currently open now until the 24th September.

Membership includes…


  • Video sessions and AMAs with industry guests
  • Monthly members hangout on Zoom
  • Office hours drop in sessions
  • Community support: access to a members-only forum for feedback and support
  • Access to the Jazzfuel Manager vault: replay recordings of previous live sessions and trainings
  • Discount on all Jazzfuel courses, services and coaching sessions.