Planning a new release is hard.
Get a custom-made timeline for your next one.

[Ideal for: you’ve finished recording and want to plan a killer release]
[Also for: your release is in X weeks and you need some emergency help]

Producing an album is a massive investment of time and money, and most likely something which can’t be repeated every few months.

It’s also a brilliant opportunity to update fans, promoters, clubs, festivals and agents on where you’re at with your career.

The problem? There are a lot of moving parts to get in line to make sure you’re getting the most out of the opportunity…

Common Questions…

How long should the pre-order period be?
How and when to schedule singles?
When to reach out to press contacts?
When should the launch gig happen?
How to factor in turnaround time on CDs and vinyl?
The list goes on…

Our offer

We’ll pull together all the info you have about the release, take onboard your goals for the campaign and turn it into a clear, step-by-step timeline which you can follow. We’ll then answer any additional questions you have by email or video call.

Album Release Roadmap: The Process

Fill in a short questionnaire about your release plans, as well as highlighting any additional questions you have on the topic and we’ll put together a timeline and video explanation for you to work from.

You can then either ask questions by email, or set up a short Zoom call to iron out the details.

Untangle Plans

There are too many moving parts in a successful album release to keep them all in your head. We’ll help you clarify your goals for the release.

Clear Deadlines

From streaming and digital to press coverage and touring, there are a bunch of things to put in place at the right time. Deadlines will help.

Follow The Steps

Once we’ve pulled together your goals and set deadlines, you’ll be left with a clear step-by-step process to follow in order to keep your release on track.

Ready to get help with your album timeline? Hit the button below and follow the steps to get started.

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