Chris Gall & Bernhard Schimpelsberger

out April 24th


A myriad of musical dimensions…

Four years after their live, direct-to-vinyl debut, Bavarian pianist Chris Gall and London-based drummer & percussionist Bernhard Schimpelsberger present the studio version of the Myriad project.

“Evidence that jazz is alive and kicking in Germany” Jazzwise

The starting point for this musical journey is their diverse cultural approach. 

Chris’s piano style is rooted in European classical music and in Western jazz improvisation

Schimpelsberger, on the other hand, brings an extensive experience of the  complex rhythm structures of the Far East – notably India.

The result? 9 original compositions – plus one from John Cage –  which juggle a multi-layered matrix of world music, neoclassical and jazz, performed on a  piano and a unique set-up of drums and percussion instruments. 

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