Emil De Waal – Vente

Artist: Emil De Waal
Release: July 2nd, April Records

A free-spirited and somehow nostalgic collection of songs, Vente is the sixth album from the long-running collaboration between drummer Emil de Waal, veteran clarinetist Elith “Nulle” Nykjær, multi-instrumentalist Gustaf Ljunggren and hammond organist Dan Hemmer.

The title – the Danish word for “wait“ – aptly describes the mellow, patient style of the album.

De Waal’s warm drum sound underpins the woody clarinet, the gentle throb of the organ and carefully chosen colours from steel guitar, mandola, celeste, marimba and more….

Stylistically, the music runs a wide spectrum: at times reminiscent of trad jazz, with wailing clarinet; at others paying tribute to guitar-led country music before slipping into bubbling organ-led grooves.

The four musicians on Vente all bring very different musical backgrounds, yet it’s by no means a simple mix of these influences. They instead put their preconceptions aside and make music that feels ‘right’ in the moment.

84-year old Elith “Nulle” Nykjær (clarinet) is something of a jazz legend in Denmark, with an illustrious career at Danish Radio and a tour history spanning Europe and North America.

Drummer & bandleader Emil de Waal is perhaps best known today from his own electric-meets-African-jazz group Kalaha, but has also played with a who’s who of Danish rock, pop & jazz.

Gustaf Ljunggren (who rose to prominence as bandleader on the Danish talkshow ‘Det Nye Talkshow’) may have originally trained as a jazz saxophonist, but his mastery of a whole host of wind, strings & keys instrument marks him out as a true multi-instrumentalist.

And finally, Dan Hemmer on organ. He’s built a reputation as a go-to Hammond specialist, first in duo with the late, great Danish cult figure Morten Lindberg (aka Master Fatman) and then, over the last decade, with others including Steve Gadd & Michael Blicher.

This free-spirited yet grooving approach to music, combined with the album’s delicate mixture of originals and unexpected covers, gives Vente a nostalgic, yet timeless, quality.

Line Up

Emil de Waal Drums and percussion
Elith “Nulle” Nykjær Clarinet
Dan Hemmer Organ
Gustaf Ljunggren Electric guitar, lap steel guitar, mandola, celeste, marimba, clarinet

Track Listing

Peg o’ My Heart 4:18
First Song (For Ruth) 4:16
Ventemedister 3:53
Holgers vuggevise 4:15
Uffes tappenstreg 2:02
Wuhan Waltz 4:41
Music to Watch Girls By 5:44
Biblioteksvals 3:58
Such Sweet Thunder 6:51

Label: April Records
Format: CD / LP
Catalogue No. APR087CD / APR087LP
EAN: 5709498108728 / 5709498108711