Ami Oprenova

Precious Days

(October 15th 2021)

Release: 5th Nov 2021

With a voice steeped in the jazz tradition, British-Bulgarian singer Ami Oprenova brings together a set of original songs matching classic swing and blues with bebop, and vocalese on her October release Precious Days

After graduating from The Guildhall School of Music – one of London’s top conservatoires – Ami established herself on the city’s vibrant jazz scene with gypsy swing group Coco ‘n’ the Fellas.

But alongside of this, she continued to hone her writing skills, both lyrically and musically, studying and playing with some of the most established UK musicians. 

This development is on full display with Precious Days, showcasing Ami’s skill as a lyricist, writer and arranger, as well as a couple of co-writes with longtime collaborator guitarist Danielle Ciuffreda.

The group she has rounded up is testament to her presence on the UK scene; some of the best, hard-swinging players of that generation, moulded into a distinctive sound and expanded with violin, percussion and even a Gospel choir

Through it all, though, her clean and clear tone delivers a set of lyrics which belies the fact that this is her debut outing as a bandleader and composer. 

“After the pandemic stress and pressure we’ve all experienced, I can feel the importance in appreciating every day we are given even more. I am very proud of this album and the outcome as it combines everything I’ve learnt from playing Gypsy Swing, Blues & Bebop with my childhood upbringings of listening to Soul, Balkan Folk & Gospel.” 

Largely written whilst on tour in Europe, the tracks bring together these vast range of influences and musical personalities into one coherent, jazz-infused collection, whilst never losing sight of the stories that make each of the nine tracks unique.

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